hello. I am so glad that you stopped by. Yep, this is our crazy life. I like to call it ‘all things life’. It can be a little loud, messy, and crazy, but is filled with more sweet and unforgettable moments than anything else. The loud part is probably due to the three little kiddos who make our home a home. I like to call them big, little and lil’ lady. And, the messy part is probably due to the fact that there are five of us and really only two {ok, one} of us are proficient at cleaning up. Ok, truth be told, if you really know me you know that I am a little off my rocker with clean and organized spaces. So, my version of messy might be a little different from others. All in all, the crazy part is what makes our family us and I wouldn’t trade it for a moment.

blessed. I have been given the job of shaping a path for my little ones and I get to do it with my best friend, my one-of-a-kind husband. This blog is a place where you will hopefully find inspiration and ideas that can be used in your own home and life. To be honest, it is a little scary for me, but I have taken a new approach on life and hope it might make a difference in others’ lives too. Not too long ago, our house burned down just a few short days before Christmas. I quickly realized how fleeting life is and that God gives us boundless opportunities. We just have to be listening or looking for them. I have chosen both. He has led us down a few paths I would have never imagined for myself or family, but I have also realized that trusting is everything. That’s my new motto. Trust. So, I am trusting and finally getting around to starting a blog, something I have talked about for a little over forever. I guess that is where the ‘finally’ part comes in.

finally. It has taken some time, but I have finally put together a little place where I can share my thoughts, crafty projects, home ideas and recipes that have won over others. With my partner in crime, we are working on transforming our house from what it looked like when we recently bought it to something that makes us smile each time we walk in.  I am so glad you have taken this little adventure with me as I get to take a few moments out of the day to put my thoughts towards things that don’t necessarily fall within my mommy duties.

follow along. And, join me as I find a little something special in all things. All things home. All things decorating. All things styled. All things life. Really, all things lulu and linen.

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