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First Day of School. Gifts for the Teach.

Have you missed me? Life has gotten away from me and sadly the blog has been put towards the end of the to-do list. But, I couldn’t resist sharing my teacher gifts for the upcoming school year because they’re too, too cute. If you’ve been following along for awhile now, you know that I love to acknowledge teachers on their first day of school. Sometimes a small token is the perfect way to start off the school year and since I was a teacher myself I can’t help giving them a lil’ extra love on the first day!

Here’s my idea for the 2017 school year. Simple. Cute. Playful.  Oh, and did I mention it won’t break the bank? Just a few dolla’ bills for that teacher of yours.

This year it’s all about apples. And, these lil’ red gems are actually LOTION! What more could a teacher ask for? You can find the apples {and some other fun flavors too!} on Amazon. Order now… they took awhile to arrive, but are well worth the wait and you may find some other fun hand creams and masks along the way. I know I have!

Truth be told, I thought about making my own tags for about two seconds. Then I came to my senses and found someone who had already created an adorable tag that would be perfect and required a little less work on my part. Makes checking things off my list that much easier, don’t you think? Find a link to A Girl and a Glue Gun printable here. Just pick your favorite

Give a little extra love to those teachers and help them start the year off with a smile.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J XO

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{diy notepad.}






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trunk or treat? 12th man style.

Is anyone else asking how is it already almost Halloween? Which means it’s almost November. I swear school starts, you blink and the holidays have arrived. Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Trunk or Treat and fall festivities are all the rage right now. In fact, last Friday was the boys’ Trunk or Treat event at their school. I got roped into doing a trunk and put the boys on a mission to figure out what they wanted our theme and game to be. I love that they love helping me with this stuff now.

After much perusing of Pinterest and thinking through what we already had so as not to break the bank we came up with a {Seahawk’s Themed Trunk} any Seahawk fan or their auntie Lisa would be proud of. Just look how cute it turned out…


For the record, all the credit goes to Mr. Grayson who designed and made the entire display in the back. It’s was seriously too cute. I would put things up and he would say, “No mom. Not there.” Gulp. Ooooo-kay. I guessed I asked for help, right?!

For the event, the trunk also had to have a “carnival-style” game that went along with the trunk. Pinterest gave us some direction and helped us create this football field-inspired table that my cute lil’ 3rd grader helped paint with spray paint. You can find the table idea here. We also used an adorable gal’s post to create a goal post made out of PVC pipe that can be found here.


Best part? It was a low cost project my other half would be proud of. Oh, and I convinced my ‘almost’ 9 year old that it would be super cool to have a football-themed birthday party after all that hard work. It’s a win-win. My only cost was the turf from Lowes that I found a remnant of, PVC pipe materials and spray paint. Woot.

Maybe you have a Trunk or Treat coming up or maybe it’s a ‘pin it’ for another day. Regardless, get your 12th man on and show a little Seahawk pride. GO HAWKS.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J XO

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thank you cards. for the family. for you.

Delay, yes. Sorry for that. Last week was a long, emotionally exhausting one. Our lil’ thirteen year old doggie had to be put to sleep and it was quite the week. And, there is no handbook that tells you how to make it easier on your kids. It was seriously one of the saddest things ever watching the kids and seeing their sweet tears. Each one of them handled it a little differently, but the good news is that he is in doggie heaven without any more ouchies. Here’s a glimpse into my sweet, sensitive one giving him one last love.

And now, back to our previously scheduled blog post. Thanks for listening…

 Thank you cards. I think they should be all the rage. Doesn’t it feel like in this uber-techy world we are losing some of the good old-fashioned stuff like thank you cards? I am a stickler for it and I make everyone in our family write one, especially after the holidays. I am hoping my kids will thank me someday, but I may be dreaming.

This year I created a simple {thank you} card with enough for everyone in the family. It is some kind of adorable and easy enough to print, cut, write, mail. I know, I know. It might just be too easy.

{you will need}
paper cutter
paper and printer
thank you. card template

{your task}

step 1. print the ‘thank you.’ cards template by clicking {here}.

step 2. cut the template in half {5.5″} and then half again {4.25″}.

step 3. write away. say your thanks.

step 4. mail. smile for keeping some oldies, but goodies real.

 The template is {free} and just for YOU. It’s as easy as copy, print, cut. A cute way to tell those special people in your life thank you.

Hope you likey and want a few for yourself. Now that I step back and look at the previous years, I realize I must have a thing for black and white. Oh well, black never goes out of style, right?

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J XO

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{family thank you cards.}

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mimosa bar. hello school. goodbye kiddos.

I fully admit that I enjoy the start of the school year. I seriously heart summer, but it some kind of wonderful to get back into a routine. With that said, I thought that a mimosa bar would be a fitting way to toast to a new school year with some friends and fellow mamas.

So easy. So fun. The perfect way to wish our babies well as the school year starts. Hello, mimosa bar.




mimosa bar food

 Who doesn’t love a {free} printable to go along with it? Something that makes your mimosa bar stand out from the rest. Well, it’s your lucky day. A thank you from me to you for following along.

printable label with heading

{you will need}
thick paper
mimosa bar printable
juice label printables
washi tape or scotch tape
frame or picture stand

{your task}

step 1. print the ‘mimosa bar’ template {here} and the juice labels {here}.

step 2. cut the juice labels out of the attached template.

step 3.  cut ribbon to desired length, loop around and adhere with washi tape.

step 4. loop over juice bottles.

step 5. add the mimosa bar printable template to a frame or on a picture stand.


If you want BLANK mimosa bar labels you can find them here. Personalize it to what you will be serving. Enjoy.

Just look at how ca-ute it is. Don’t you want to host one too? I have already decided that this will have to be my new tradition. It was way too much fun.

sip. enjoy. share.

Letter J XO

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chalkboard wall. summa’ time.

Summer is here. Reminds me of a little song from my younger years… summa’, summa’, summa-time. You know what I’m talking about, right?

For this month, summer fun and summer scripture.

Our summa’ chalkboard wall. A place where we pour all those summer to-do’s in our BUCKET. 

The theme for this month? Our bucket list {get er’ done} and a memory verse.

Part 1. Memory Verse.
Yes, they will know it. Learn it. Live it. Well, at least by the end of summer. A little something to keep us all on track, especially with us spending virtually every waking moment together. Mama Bear says we can make it happen.

Part 2. Summa’ Bucket List. {kids love this part.}
We are working our way through the bucket list. When one task is complete we are adding it {with a magical magnet} to our bucket. It’s too cute. We have already moved a few, added a few and started our list. The best part of summer.



Love the printables? You can find them here. An ode to last years’ printable list and a quick print. Voila. Your own bucket list items. Enjoy.

Wishing you a {kind and loving} summer and a chance to bask in the sunshine with your own little ones.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

{If you missed it, learn how you can make your own {DIY Chalkboard and Magnetic Wall}. Take a quick peek {here} to find out just how easy it is to transform an empty space into something that will make you smile.}

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end of the year gifts. um, you da’ balm.

End of the year is coming. I repeat, the end of the year is coming. Now it is time to ask yourself, “What on earth am I going to get the teachers, bus drivers, assistants, office staff, friends, and everyone else in between?”

Well, here’s an idea for you. Simple. Sweet. Perfect.  Oh, and did I mention it won’t break the bank? A few dollars and cute little gift for someone you know.

The task is simple and will take you a little less than five minutes to get er’ done. You can thank me later.

{you will need}
hole punch
thick paper
you da’ balm printable template

{your task}

step 1. print the you da’ balm template by clicking {here}.

step 2. cut the gift tags out of the attached template.

step 3. have your kiddo write their name, or not. up to you.

step 4. hole punch the top.

step 5. add a colorful eos lip balm. tie. give.

Give a little extra love to those people in your lift and let them know they da‘ balm.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO


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{printable hope you likey tags.}

{diy notepad.}

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valentine’s day {candy free} treats. helicopter fun.

Did you get the memo? Valentine’s Day is nearly here. If you have kids you have probably already thought, “Wait, how many kids are in the class?” I know. Brace yourself. The countdown is on.

I’ve said it before. Truth. I am one of those moms who can’t pick the valentines off the shelf and my poor kids suffer for it. And, I am extra mean because I usually don’t put any candy  in their valentines {um, I’m pretty sure they will get plenty, or that’s what I tell myself}.

So I try to come up with some valentine that is a little creative. Oh, and I am a dork and love this kind of stuff. This year {helicopters}. The boys are pretty gosh darn excited, but probably only because I have promised them each  a spinning copter of their own. Regardless, they got them done and they are tucked away for February 14th. It will  be here before you know it.

For you, a {free} valentine printable that you can use to celebrate the month of love and check off your list. All you need is some helicopters {thanks, target} and you are set. Oh so easy.

vday copter printable

{you will need}

thick paper
helicopter valentine template
helicopters/spinners from target
{i bought mine at target here in the birthday favor section. super inexpensive, yay!}

vday where to buy (2)

{your task}

step 1
. print the valentine template by clicking {here}.

step 2. cut the valentines out of the attached template.

step 3. have your kiddo write their name on the dotted line.

step 4. fold on the dotted {arrow} line.

step 5. slip over top of a clear cellophane bag with a spinner inside and staple.

vday copter close up

Not your ordinary valentine. And, an easy way to bring a little less candy and a little more smiles to those little ones this valentine season. Happy heart day to you and your family.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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Lunchbox with title


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thank you cards. family style.

Christmas is over. Presents have been opened. Time for {none other than} thank you cards.

First, I am kicking myself that it has taken me this long to get out my thank you cards. Normally I am so on top of it. Oh well. Though, I am still an old soul who relishes in the etiquette of a thank you card. I know, I know. Not everyone agrees with me, but I think it is a lost art.

Call me a mean mommy, but this is one of those things that I really want to pass on to my kids. To be thankful, but more importantly, to let someone know that they are thankful for the time or gifts that have been given to them. Each year, we work hard to get thank you cards written and each year I think, “Isn’t there a better way?” With five people in our family we are either writing five separate cards or trying to squeeze it all onto one small card and saying the same thing over and over again.

Problem solved two years in a row. Last year, I shared our {5 x 7} thank you card version. You can find it here or below if that is more your style. This year? Oh my. It’s just plain cute.

Meet our {2014 thank you christmas cards}.


Write some thank you cards of your own. My {thank you} present to you for following along on this blog.  And, all you need is a printer, some paper and scissors. A simple, yet easy way to keep that art of handwritten notes alive. 


{you will need}
scissors or a paper cutter
thick / cardstock paper
hole punch
twine or ribbon
family thank you tags template


{your task}

step 1. print the template. click here to download.

step 2. cut out the individual cards. seriously, invest in a paper cutter if you don’t have one. lifesaver.

step 3. get in some family time. start saying your thank you{s} and use the provided templates to print exactly how many you need.

step 4. mail. check it off your list.


Adorable. Unique. A ridiculously cute way to say thank you without writing an email, texting a note or sending a lil’ tweet tweet. And now, you have the whole week to work on them. Enjoy.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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Family Cards Small



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5 minutes. too cute christmas card display.

Easy. Cheap. Ridiculously adorable. What could be better? A festive Christmas {diy} display that just might add a little extra sparkle to your holiday decor.

The {5 minute christmas card display} took me less than 5 minutes and I had everything stashed around the house. I know. Stop it.


{you will need}
twine or string
staple gun
open frame


{your task}

step 1. pick a starting point. pull tight. staple.

step 2. string twine across frame. pull tight. staple.

step 3. repeat. repeat. repeat. until you love.

step 4. hang your cute christmas cards with some clothespins. smile.

step 5. string through the twine and secure with tape on the backside so the letters don’t slide.


A simple, inexpensive way to hang your christmas cards. And, a chance to smile at all of those adorable faces of family and friends.


try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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{reindeer food}


{printable christmas tags}
Christmas Tag Button

{ruffle garland}


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S’mores Pancakes. Spooky Breakfast.

We are all about the spooky, baby. You’ve heard about our spooky dinner and now you get to hear about a spooky breakfast. I seriously can’t get enough of it because I know that sometime in the near future my kids won’t be as excited about it anymore. Oh boo.

Spooky. Simple. SO good. What more could a girl ask for?

spooky smore pancakes

{you will need.}
mini marshmallows
mini chocolate chips
pancake mix
chocolate syrup for serving


{whip it up.}

 one. heat up your griddle nice and hot.

 two. mix up some pancake batter.

 three. pour pancake batter on griddle.

 four. sprinkle on some marshmallow and chocolate chips.

five. flip pancake.

 six. serve it up with some drizzled chocolate.


Maybe you want to add a spooky breakfast to your halloween morning. Or, maybe for dinner? A chance to make your Halloween a little bit spookier. Boo.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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{free} spooky dinner banners

spooky banners with label

{free} printable Halloween tags 

Treat Tags Button

{yum} double trouble cookies
Cookie Button

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