chalkboard wall. servant warrior style.

A new chalkboard with a new focus. This started with something for our biggest baby, but has turned into something for the whole family. It’s a little thing we like to call… being a servant warrior.

The theme for this month? Working hard to be a family of SERVANT WARRIORS.

Why? Oh, I always have a reason why.
This all came to be a some time ago were having some serious talks with our oldest lil’ man about his choices. We were seeing a pattern of forgetting about the importance of putting others first, selfish choices and thinking of just himself. After way too many talks, uplifting {I thought} speeches and being at our last straw we came up with something to help him practice the art of thinking of others first, you know being a servant warrior.

After a few weeks of our Mr. G practicing this we noticed a huge difference and his little bro wanted to be a part of it too. So, we decided to turn it into a family thing. We are all doing it together and working hard to make it a {norm} in our house and our life.

Love this? Well, you should really thank my amazing {and smart} other half. The hubs came up with this during one of our {parenting brainstorm sessions}. Please tell me we are not the only ones who have seshs on how to deal with those menaces, I mean cuties, of ours.

This is a theme for my husband. He truly is a perfect example of a servant warrior, always putting others first and working to be a servant in all things. I want my boys to grow up and be just like him. He is an amazing role model for what this ‘looks’ like in life. Whelp, no time like the present to start helping our kids to be servant warriors, right?

Our board is a reminder of what we are all working on as a family…. being SERVANT WARRIORS. To help bring this to life I created some cards to fill out and we sat down with the kids to explain how it works. The gist of it is fill out a card, add it to the jar and each month we will celebrate with a dinner out {winner with most cards chooses!} and we read everything our family did over the month to be servant warriors.

And for those perfectionists who are just like me and love the art of stencils, attached are the font templates I whipped up to get the board finished a little faster. Yes, I sit, analyze and nit-pick my writing, so sometimes I enlist the help of my computer and some tracing {see a how to here} to get it just right in a little less time. See? You really can whip up a chalkboard, even if you think you are not the artsy type!

I already can see the impact it is making in our family. The kids come home each day and make sure they fill out at least one thing they have already done. I love it. No joke.

Next week, I will share a template for the servant warrior cards and some strategies we used to kick it off. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J XO

{If you missed it, learn how you can make your own {DIY Chalkboard and Magnetic Wall}. Take a quick peek {here} to find out just how easy it is to transform an empty space into something that will make you smile.}

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{super threes. for the kids.}

{nightly prayer.}



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