father’s day. a different type of present.

If you have been following, you know that I did a twist on a traditional card for Valentine’s Day. Something a little more personalized. Well, I found something just as perfect for Father’s Day and maybe even more adorable. I just hope the daddy thinks so too.

A twist on a traditional Father’s Day present. It’s our own little book that explains why daddy is the best. Um, adorable, right?

daddy book

I fell in love with a company called  Knock Knock who made some adorable Valentine’s Day journals and other ridiculously funny gifts and journals. While browsing, I stumbled upon this little treasure for Father’s Day. We are going to try something different this year and I think you should too.

We have already started filling out our books and it is pretty cute to watch how excited the kids get. If you choose to go this route and you have older kids, you are in luck. This will be a great independent project for them. Me? Well, my boys have started the books and their age and writing abilities requires some serious time and patience to get this done. So, we are taking on this challenge one page at a time. Just look at what fun is to be had.

daddy book examples

If you are in the {have to have} category and trying to get a little valentine shopping checked off your list, you can find this love journal at the following places.

Or, you could enter in the contest below and WIN a book of your own. One copy for one lucky winner. Will it be you?

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Try something different this year. A twist on the traditional Father’s Day card or present. Something to keep and look back at for years to come. I am kind of smitten with the creativity from my little babies and can’t wait to reveal their books on the big day.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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