my six fave kid apps. yours too?

I know. What? Favorite apps? Well, let’s be clear here. I am not one to turn down something that makes life oh, so easy. Our iPad has some serious screen time regulations, but I will be the first to admit that it is my secret weapon when:

1. We want to eat in peace at a restaurant. No lie. Total silence and complete concentration. Who can say no to that?

2. The mama needs to shop. Three kids in a double BOB stroller, an iPad and some snacks {aka the perfect recipe for a two hour shopping trip}. I know, it is so horrible, but when I dangle that amazing techy device in front of them I can get in at least two hours of uninterrupted shopping.

3. My poor little guy has to wait in line to pick up his big bro in line for school. I tried having him read books, but I caved in watching him so restless. iPad to the rescue, yet again.

4. Pure bribery. Sure you can play… once you clean your room, pick up the playroom and give mommy a back scratch. Come on. Please tell me I’m not the only one who uses it to get some serious picking up done. I know you do, too.

Needless to say, I have learned that the iPad is my friend. I was once completely opposed to such a thing, but now realize the power of such a silly, rectangular little device.

Though changed, I am a bit crazy when it comes to the games on it. In my dear husbands words, “Does everything have to be a learning opportunity?” Silly boy. Yes. Yes, it does. Poor kids. Do you see what they have to put up with? I keep telling myself they {or their future teachers} will appreciate it some day.

With that said, my six fave iPad apps.

fave app collage

Why are they my top zix? Well, here it is in a nutshell.


{Endless Alphabet}
The characters are so adorable and they speak the letter sounds as you drag individual letters to spell words, Not to mention, they work on vocabulary and show animated clips that explain each word. We get lots of giggles out of this one.


Truth be told, this is addicting for all of us. We have a bit of family competition while waiting for food our tablet to be ready. The object is to collect as many dots in the same color or squares for bonus points. It works primarily on strategy and pattern finding. Be warned. A bit addicting, but a whole lot of fun.

monkey math

{Monkey Math}
A cute little monkey helps reinforce math skills while vacationing on the beach. You build math number sentences, pop similar sets of bubbles and even get to create your own aquarium as you master math concepts. My boys would play forever, if I’d let them. A fun way to practice math skills, number recognition and patterning.


{Endless Numbers}
Clearly this brilliant group of people are onto something. A new addition to their alphabet game, this cute app helps kids with all things numbers. The best part? It speaks the number out loud as you drag it and prepares early learners with sound recognition. A fair as a backdrop provides lots of entertainment as kids learn all about numbers. Stop it. Too adorable.


{Marble Drop}
Object? Drop marbles to complete puzzles. A little addicting and a bit of a challenge. Here, you use traps to meet your goal and successfully manage to get your marble through the level. A great way to work on cause and effect, strategy, and solving a problem.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 4.08.46 PM

{Toca Band}
The honest truth is that this doesn’t work on any type of counting, sequencing or writing, but it is just too darn cute. With this app you get to create your own band and make up music beats. Sometimes our little mixer will drum up some sick beats and the rest of us will dance along and add some of our words. What’s to learn? Well, I tell myself that the kids are technically working on patterning with sounds and music components. If anything, it is just plain fun.


Are these some of your favorite kid-friendly apps to? Any to add to the list. Who would have thought that there would come a day when I would get sucked in to the world of iPad apps. Kinda’ have to admit that they are pretty awesome, at times.

try. enjoy. share.


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