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I apologize {in advance} if you don’t have kids and are bored silly with these kid posts. I assure you, summer is half way over, so you will soon have a break from these silly ideas.  Soon. But, not quite yet. Who knows, maybe you can use these with grandkids, neighborhood kids or someone else who might get a giggle out of it.

Yes, summer is in full swing. Lots of hours in the day and some sweet babies who get bored oh, so quickly. Was I like that as a kid? Probably. If you’ve been following along, you know that we are deep in the trenches of finding things to do.

We started with our summer bucket list. And, then moved on to Laser Beams. Last week, we even got crazy with some science experiments. This week? Some serious fun that cost me nothing. I love that.

Hello, secret scrolls.


Don’t you love those {in the moment} ideas that are way better than you expected? Well, this was one of those. It started with Mr. G wanting a ninja headband. Then we decided that a secret scroll was a must.

Some wrapping paper, scissors, washi tape and dowels {i seriously keep and have the weirdest things, including wooden dowels. technically for the bathroom curtain i am willing myself to finish, but this was way more fun.} helped us get the project done.


A simple project that makes for some serious imaginative play. And, the kids can do MOST of the work. Give it a try. I’m hoping it will keep your kids as busy as it did mine.

secret scrolls steps

Start your own secret scrolls. A simple, inexpensive way to entertain those kids on summer break.

secret scrolls1

try. enjoy. share.

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