valentine’s day {candy free} treats. helicopter fun.

Did you get the memo? Valentine’s Day is nearly here. If you have kids you have probably already thought, “Wait, how many kids are in the class?” I know. Brace yourself. The countdown is on.

I’ve said it before. Truth. I am one of those moms who can’t pick the valentines off the shelf and my poor kids suffer for it. And, I am extra mean because I usually don’t put any candy  in their valentines {um, I’m pretty sure they will get plenty, or that’s what I tell myself}.

So I try to come up with some valentine that is a little creative. Oh, and I am a dork and love this kind of stuff. This year {helicopters}. The boys are pretty gosh darn excited, but probably only because I have promised them each  a spinning copter of their own. Regardless, they got them done and they are tucked away for February 14th. It will  be here before you know it.

For you, a {free} valentine printable that you can use to celebrate the month of love and check off your list. All you need is some helicopters {thanks, target} and you are set. Oh so easy.

vday copter printable

{you will need}

thick paper
helicopter valentine template
helicopters/spinners from target
{i bought mine at target here in the birthday favor section. super inexpensive, yay!}

vday where to buy (2)

{your task}

step 1
. print the valentine template by clicking {here}.

step 2. cut the valentines out of the attached template.

step 3. have your kiddo write their name on the dotted line.

step 4. fold on the dotted {arrow} line.

step 5. slip over top of a clear cellophane bag with a spinner inside and staple.

vday copter close up

Not your ordinary valentine. And, an easy way to bring a little less candy and a little more smiles to those little ones this valentine season. Happy heart day to you and your family.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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