printable kids thank you cards. say thanks after a birthday.

Birthdays. So much fun. Way too many goodies. Time for thank you cards.

For me, birthdays are the perfect time for my kids to practice the art of saying thanks. Oh, how I wish they wanted to do this on their own, but the reality is that I am a mean mommy and force them to write individual thank you cards. Call me old fashioned, but I think somewhere along the way we’ve lost the art of a good ole’ card in the mail. Good for me. Bad for my kids.

Sadly, my kids are not at an age where they can write multiple sentences on their own or complete this task without some serious whining. So, I have had to transform our thank you cards into something that is ‘manageable’ for everyone involved. I use the term ‘manageable’ loosely. This task seriously took my five year old birthday boy four days to finish. It involved lots of  deep breaths, but we got through it.

For you, a two {free} printable thank you birthday cards that you can use with your own little cuties.
Pretty cute, if I say so myself.



{you will need}
scissors or paper cutter
thick paper
pen or pencil
birthday thank you card template of your choice

{your task}

 step 1. print the birthday thank you card template by by clicking below. Which one will you choose? Boy or girl version?
{note: you will want to print double sided. you can use that feature on your printer or print once and then flip over and place in printer to print the backside}

kids thx cards1-001

kids thx cards1-002

step 2. cut the cards out using the front image to guide you.

 step 3. have your kiddos fill out their card.

 step 4. seal, stamp and mail.

boys thx card front

Give some thanks to all who helped your kiddo celebrate their big day. A little something in the mail to brighten their day AND practice the art of saying thanks.

try. enjoy. share.

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