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Do you pin? Are you addictive to pinterest too? Sometimes I wonder, why didn’t I think of that? What a brilliant idea. A place to store your ideas. Catalog the things you love. I love {love, love} pinterest.

The truth is I am one of those girls who needs to write it down. If it isn’t written down I probably won’t remember. I like to tell myself that I have too many things to remember, but it is probably really that I don’t have the best memory. My house is full of lists {like, everywhere} because I am a checker-offer. I love to check things off my list, thus the plethora of notepads and post-it pads tucked around our house. Well, pinterest is my own little version of a list for decorating and all things me.

Won’t you follow along? Want to see some ideas I have in store for our sit and sip room? Or a little inspiration for our backyard? Visit me on pinterest and follow along. Yes, this is one of those times it’s okay to be a follower.

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Start browsing for some inspiration of your own. Or, better yet, if you likey what you see follow along. Follow along on my pinterest adventures here. Let’s be followers together, shall we?

Let’s get pinning…
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browse. pin. follow.

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