5 minutes. too cute christmas card display.

Easy. Cheap. Ridiculously adorable. What could be better? A festive Christmas {diy} display that just might add a little extra sparkle to your holiday decor.

The {5 minute christmas card display} took me less than 5 minutes and I had everything stashed around the house. I know. Stop it.


{you will need}
twine or string
staple gun
open frame


{your task}

step 1. pick a starting point. pull tight. staple.

step 2. string twine across frame. pull tight. staple.

step 3. repeat. repeat. repeat. until you love.

step 4. hang your cute christmas cards with some clothespins. smile.

step 5. string through the twine and secure with tape on the backside so the letters don’t slide.


A simple, inexpensive way to hang your christmas cards. And, a chance to smile at all of those adorable faces of family and friends.


try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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