diy tassel ties for outdoor curtain. too cute.

It’s summer time, which means the summer projects are in full effect. My focus this summer? Working to create a space that makes me smile as I walk into our backyard.

Earlier this week I shared our backyard wish list for a little inspiration. One of those things on my wish list was none other than outdoor curtains. Much needed for a little shade when the afternoon sun rolls in. Hopefully, you followed along earlier this week as I shared the how-to of making your own outdoor curtains out of canvas drop cloths. If not, check it out here.

The curtains were adorable, but needed a little extra something. My plan? Tassel ties. Ok, seriously adorable and the perfect addition to our outdoor area. Not only do they help hold back the curtains, but they are seriously my favorite. I am so over the moon with them and they were ridiculsouly easy. Oh, and did I mention you don’t need to sew a thing? Stop it. It’s just too much.


To help get me started I found a great tutorial from these two cute girlies who have a blog called Prudent Baby. I used their tassel tutorial and attached the finished tassels to some extra fabric to create my curtain tie backs. A simple solution to add that extra little punch to any outdoor curtain.

canvas drop clothes


{step 1.}
Cut drop cloth fabric width wise, trimming ends to get rid of hemmed side.

step 1 ties

{step 2.} For ties…
mark with a pencil 3″ strips – these will be what you use to wrap around curtain to secure in place
cut into strips {i cut a total of 8}
set aside

Outdoor Tassel Ties

{step 3.} For tassels…
measure 17″ x 23″ rectangles, I cut a total of 8.
you can choose what ever size you want {if using traditional fabric, per Prudent Baby, cut a 18″ x 24″ rectangle}
set aside


{step 4.}
Fold rectangle in half with two shorter sides meeting.
Cut 1″ strips, stopping 2″-3″ from top.


{step 5.}
Unfold fabric, laying flat.


{step 6.}
Cut small strips to tie rolled tassels.
I cut a total of {8} 12″ strips to ensure I had plenty of fabric to tightly secure.


{step 7.}
Roll up fabric with uncut fabric in middle.


{step 8.}
Fold in half, tie small step around to secure, trimming if necessary.

Outdoor Tassel Ties1

{step 9.}
Loop long strip you cut for the ties {step 2} through the small hole at the top of the tassel.

Outdoor Tassel Ties2

{step 10.}
Knot tie and push through opposite direction to secure and hide ends.
Use a pencil eraser to help, if necessary.

Outdoor Tassel Ties3
{step 11.}

Repeat steps until you have completed and attached all tassels to the tie backs.


Maybe tassel ties are just what you need for your own curtain, whether inside or out. A seriously adorable way to tie back those curtains. Are you tassel tied?


try. enjoy. share.

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