give thanks banner. simple.

Should I have posted this about forever ago? Um, yes. But, life got the best of me and I am just now getting around to sharing one of the easiest Thanksgiving season decorations.

Here’s the skinny. I am in charge of the crafts for a MOPS group I belong to {perfect fit for me} and I did this craft with my girlies in October. I am sure it has been posted once or twice before somewhere on the Internet, but it is an easy way to add a little sparkle to your holiday decor. And, because I thought it was just so cute in our house I decided to whip up a Christmas one too. That post will arrive in your inbox before Thanksgiving. Scouts honor.

The {give thanks} banner reminds me of the importance of the season and all to be thankful for. And, the truth is I saw it at Pottery Barn, but was too cheap to spend the money on it. Yep, I said it.

For you, a {give thanks} printable banner that you might be the perfect reminder of what Thanksgiving is all about.
Pretty cute, if I say so myself, even if you will have to save it for next year.


{you will need}
TWO pieces of glitter cardstock {12 x 12} paper
pen or pencil
hole punch
twine or string to hang
give thanks banner template

letters up close

{your task}

step 1. print the {give thanks} template by by clicking here.

step 2. cut the letters out of the template.

step 3. FLIP OVER the glitter cardstock and trace letters on the back. Be sure to FLIP the letters so they are BACKWARDS. You will want to be sure your “k” for example is not backwards when you go to hang it on the twine.

step 4. cut out traced letters and hole punch on the provided guides.

step 5. string through the twine and secure with tape on the backside so the letters don’t slide.

mantel banner pic

banner on mantel

A simple, inexpensive way to add a little sparkle in a thankful sort of way. And, a chance to remember what the season is really all about.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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3 Responses to give thanks banner. simple.

  1. shannon standfield November 15, 2014 at 12:59 pm #

    LOVE! Thank you for sharing!! I am making one for sure.


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