oh so merry. printable banner.

As promised, a festive Christmas {diy} banner that can add that little sparkle to the twinkly lights and holiday decor. Perhaps your mantel needs a little extra glam or an empty wall has been waiting to become just a little bit prettier.

The {oh so merry} banner reminds us all about the holiday season and a chance to be extra merry.  My own lil’ Pottery Barn knock-off that costs just about $3.00. Are you in?

Ready? Your {oh so merry} printable banner awaits. For less than $5 dollars and five minutes you have a fancy new holiday decoration.


{you will need}
TWO pieces of glitter cardstock {12 x 12} paper
pen or pencil
hole punch
twine or string to hang
oh so merry banner template
jute webbing and glue gun {optional}


{your task}

step 1. print the {oh so merry} template by by clicking here

step 2. cut the letters out of the template. {no need to cut out duplicate letters.}

step 3. FLIP OVER the glitter cardstock and trace letters on the back. Be sure to FLIP the letters so they are BACKWARDS. You will want to be sure your “m” for example is not backwards when you go to hang it on the twine.

step 4. cut out traced letters and hole punch on the provided guides.


step 5. string through the twine and secure with tape on the backside so the letters don’t slide.

merry banner

{optional steps.}

step 6. cut two  5″ pieces of jute webbing.


step 7. fold in half and cut off a triangular piece.


step 8. flip over banner and place on backside of twine, leaving a 1/2″ of space.


step 9. add multiple rows of hot glue. fold. press for several seconds to secure.


step 10. hang for all to see. happy holidays.


Get your {free} printable now. Once December rolls around you can find it in my etsy site for a small {totally worth it} fee. A simple, inexpensive way to add a little sparkle to your holiday decor. And, a chance to remind others that this time of year is oh so merry.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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