one laundry bag. two different projects.

Do you ever stumble across a treasure you weren’t expecting to find and realize it has some serious potential. Most times, the goodies I wasn’t meaning to find are the ones I love the most. For me, it all started while browsing Marshall’s looking for something completely unrelated.

While walking through the aisles I found this huge pile of laundry bags by Cynthia Rowley. They were a thick canvas material and came in six different prints. They had a vintage, french-inspired look. Basically, they had me at hello. So cute. So much potential. I walked out with six of the laundry bags in different prints and came up with two different projects, for now at least.

Just look at what one type of laundry bag turned into?  For you, {two} different projects all made from a simple laundry bag.

{project one.}

Outdoor pillows. They found a new home on our outdoor couch and are just about the cutest thing on the block. Well, at least I think so. Hello, adorable pillows.

laundry bag pillow 2

My original plan was to take the bags apart and sew a  pillowcase for the outdoor pillows that I had purchased at World Market, but did not love. But to my surprise I did a little stuffing, a little wiggling and found that the bags fit the pillows {almost} perfectly.

laundry bag pillow 1

laundy bag pillow 3

The only work required was removing the shoulder straps with a  seam ripper to make the back side of the pillow flat and a few coats of scotch guard. Yes, scotch guard is the key. This girl does not want mildew or stains on those oh so adorable outdoor pillows, thus a few cans of scotch guard were a must.

{project two.}

Hello, adorable laundry room curtain. I fully admit I am a nerd. I love laundry and I love a laundry room that makes me smile. Our old laundry room was a little slice of heaven with its butcher block counter and abundance of space. But, our current laundry room just got better.

laundry curtain 2

A simple curtain completes the window {cabinets come next. boo.} and gives it a little bit of personality. The laundry-themed bag was the perfect print for the space. Isn’t it too, too cute?


The project was ridiculously simple. Using a seam-ripper I took apart the laundry bag and unfolded it to make a longer piece of fabric. I was short 1/4″ on the width {of course.}, so I used the shoulder straps I had originally taken off to add extra width to the fabric. Then, I made a faux-roman shade using simple pleats and stitching under each overlapping pleat. Time in all? One hour tops. Not much time, but lots of smiles.

Does it make you want some laundry bags of your own? Well, you just might need to stop by Marshall’s or TJ Maxx and see if you can find some in your neighborhood. Otherwise, here are some other options that may just perfect for you. Though, I don’t want to rub it in, but I did get a smokin’ deal on mine. Do you fancy any for your own space?

laundry bag ideas

1| Crate & Barrel
2| Soiled Garments
3| West Elm
4| Etsy
5| H & M

Maybe you, too, should add a little canvas laundry bag somewhere in your home. Who knows, it might make you smile a little extra too. I have a few more bags just waiting to be turned into something a little more exciting than the current state they are in. Now if only I could decided what to do with them. Hmmm.

try. enjoy. share.

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