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One of the first rooms we got organized in our house was our playroom. No brainer. The kids are seriously up there ALL the time. They play. They mess. They draw. They build. All day long. I love that they have a space to play, but also realize that in a few short years they will need a {new} type of space. One that has a lot less toys and a lot more gaming goodies. Or, at least that is what I am preparing myself for.

With that said, we wanted to create a fun space to play in, but also one that functioned well for them and us parents. Yes, I like things to be ridiculously organized and having a mess of cluttery toys does not bode well for me or the rest of the people in our family. And, I am always on the hunt for unique ways to reuse items I already have laying around the house.

First stop on our playroom tour? Keeping those lil’ kiddies organized in their video game and tv watching spot.

Playroom Collage Final

My boys are actually really good at keeping their stuff organized. Though, I admit, it has been a process. But, I think their future wives will thank me someday, or at least that is my rationale. We store all of our Wii and XBox goodies in these boxes along with any movies that stay in the playroom.

{have to have}
Navy Blue Storage Boxes from Ikea
Expedit Shelving Unit in White from Ikea

Next stop on our playroom tour? The overflowing toy area. Organization is a must.


I like to think that our toys are relatively organized and everything has a place. Easy for the lil’ lady to play with {i had to put her in the picture. so cute.} and it allows the boys to store their bigger sized toys in special nooks. My motto: if they see it = they will play with it. 

{have to have}
Pjas Baskets from Ikea {these are the sturdiest and hold up super well}
Expedit Shelving Unit in White from Ikea
Smith & Hawken Round Basket with Chalkboard from Target

Next stop on our playroom tour? Inexpensive artwork. Repurposed. Reused.

These alphabet cards have been used over and over again. First, I displayed them in one of the boy’s rooms. Then, I hung them in our previous playroom on a near the ceiling. After awhile, I got bored of it and decided to put them in frames. Now? I kind of love them.

Easy artwork and oh so simple to accomplish on your own. Try it. Use some things you have lying around the house to add a little interest. In the playroom, ABC cards works perfectly and anchors the back wall that would be ridiculously boring without anything on it.

ABC Card Collage

{have to have}
Aaron Brother frames
Pictorial Websters Wall Cards in orange and brown
Natural Burlap for Background

Want some alphabet cards of your own? Look at all the goodies you can find. I did a little online shopping for you and found these. So sweet. Oh, and one silly one that just makes me giggle. Maybe for a place around your home where you want to make others laugh out loud.

Add some instant art to your own home. Find some alphabet cards laying around and put them into frames. If anything, it fills up a big space. Nothing better than that, right?

try. enjoy. share.

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  1. Heather Smith {Woods of Bell Trees} February 20, 2014 at 2:31 pm #

    The playroom looks great! I am in love with ALL of the alphabet cards!!!

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