powder bathroom makeover. huge improvement.

First item on our checklist when we moved into our new house? Powder bathroom. This poor little room was so white and blah. I mean, really blah. Not only was it so white and barren, but it was also the space that our visitors would use when visiting. It is the main bathroom for downstairs, but also next door to the guest bedroom. It needed some serious love.

It has been done for months and I am seriously smitten that we took a weekend to get er’ done and fix it up. Now? Now, I smile each time I walk in. It is a calm, inviting space that is easy on the eyes and the budget. For a little under $500 we made the bathroom look like new.

Here’s my disclaimer. We were on a budget and I wanted a gorgeous little retreat as anyone who visits will likely use it, however I had to make some sacrifices.

  • sacrifice one. pedestal sink.
    Don’t even get me started on pedestal sinks. I seriously can’t stand them because there is no place to set anything and they collect massive amounts of wet dust at the pedestal base. I have a total aversion to pedestal sinks, but a complete redo was not in the works. So, the sink stays and we made it work.
  • sacrifice two. keeping the existing shower insert.
    Would I have loved to rip out that eye sore of a shower? Um, in a heartbeat. If I had it my way, I would have clean subway tile running to the ceiling and a fancy shower door. But, again not a necessity. So, we kept it.
    And yes, I do look at it every time I walk in and think, “ughh”. Oh well.
  • sacrifice three. keeping the existing faucet/shower hardware.
    If you look closely we are lucky enough to have brass and chrome on our faucets. What a happy marriage. Who thought of this? I feel like it was someone who wanted to make sure no one was left out. I just don’t get it. But, what I do get is that we have a total of six faucets to replace and I tend to have expensive taste {i think my husband loves that about me}, so all you need to do is the math. Someday, we may switch out those gorgeous beauties, but for now they stay.

Here is what we started with. A blank canvas just itching for a little personality. Do you think it cried itself to sleep each night?

  Powder Bath Before

As you can see, it needed a little life and color. Ah, a breath of fresh air.

powder room

powder room 2

poweder room 4

powder room 3

How did I keep my makeover cost so low? Well, my other half charges $0 for labor, which comes in handy whenever I have a project in mind. And, I think adding a little paint to the walls always makes a huge difference. In the powder we used Sherwin Williams Stamped Concrete. I absolutely heart the color. It is a subtle gray/blue that changes during the day with the rise and setting of the sun. It is one of my favorites. Maybe it will be perfect in your home too.

Another way I kept my costs down? Just a few tricks I use in all my bathrooms that make a big impact without spending big wads of cash. Why not? Try a trick or two in your own bathroom space.

3 bathroom tips darker

What do you think? Way better? An updated version and a more {me} bathroom space. A few quick changes and it looks like new. Well, almost new. Perhaps your bathroom is calling you to try a few of these tricks out yourself.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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