chalkboard wall. may. a thank you to my kids.

Happy first day of May. Is it true? Have April showers brought May flowers? Hoping that spring has sprung in your neighborhood and you’re getting the chance to bask in all things spring.

If you’re like me you are starting to countdown the days and check off the list. {yes, i love my lists more than anything.}

  • Gearing up for end of school year. check.
  • Signing up for summer camps. check.
  • Finalizing my Mother’s Day gifts. check. 

For our house, the month of May is full of smiles and surprises. Mother’s Day and then our baby’s 2nd birthday. What??? How did that happen? As I stared at the chalkboard wall trying to find a little inspiration I thought about the month of May. The blessings. The events. And, somewhere in that train of thought I had a realization of just how thankful I was for my family.

Yes, May means that we get to celebrate our moms and maybe you get to be celebrated yourself. But, I also thought it was the perfect time to say {thank you} to my little ones. How lucky am I to be a mommy to three unique, amazing and kids that teach me something every day? I know, don’t say it {or think it}, I am not trying to get all mushy on you, but I felt like this was the perfect time to share my thanks, instead of the other way around.

Our May chalkboard wall. A place where I get to tell my little ones how much they are loved and send each a special thank you note. 

The theme for this month? May love. May thanks. Lots of sunshine.

may wall with label

one. you are my sunshine.
Truth? I love this song. I love everything about it. And, I feel like it the perfect way to let me little babies know just how I feel about them. They truly are my little sunshines and I hope they always remember that. Once my sunshine, always my sunshine.


two. oh, how i love thee. a thank you note to each of my babies.
I may have issues, I admit it. I have this weird issue that I need to leave mementos for my kids to find when they are older. So strange. But, I do a lot of it. Birthday books documenting their year. Special notes tucked inside book covers. Secret notes placed in their school files.

Not sure what it is, but I want them to see themselves when they are older through my eyes. How I see them. How they take on life. What makes them unique at the particular stage they are at. And, this board inspired another little note for each of them that will eventually be placed someplace special. For them, a thank you note that shares what makes them special, how they are wonderfully made, and how thankful I am. It is my own thank you note that shares what I have learned from them. Yes, I know that little Lulu will have no idea what I am saying, but someday she will read it and see just what I saw in 2014.

may chalkboard collage

 May your {may} have a little bit of sunshine and a thought of love. And, for all those mothers out there a little Mother’s Day shout out for ya’.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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