the week. my to do list. yours too?

I am a list girl. I have a thousand all over the place. The perfect gift for me? Post-it notes or a notepad. Serious. Not joking. Ok, and maybe some new clothes or shoes.

A list for me and a list for you. I am calling it my {the week. what to do.}. A little place where I get organized and get er’ done.

The template is {free} and just for YOU. It’s as easy as copy, print, cut. A cute way to stay organized and on top of things.

{you will need}
paper cutter
paper and printer
the week. what to do template. weekly. and the week. what to do template. list.
cardboard and chipboard
pad/book compound


step 1. print the ‘the week. what to do.’ template by clicking {here for weekly template} and {here for list template}.

step 2. cut the template in half… it should measure 8.5″ x 5.5″ for the weekly list and cut in fourths for the list template.

step 3. cut the cardboard/chipboard to same dimensions  … i used cardboard that backed a print I had lying around.

step 4. use your clamps to hold down the sides. apply the glue with a small paintbrush.
– apply at least two coats of glue for an even consistency.
– place a clamp in the middle as well to keep from puckering in the middle
– if you are wanting to make these right away… rumor has it that caulking from the hardware store will work too!

step 5. dry. write. get er’ done.

to do notepad 2 What better way to get organized and efficiently get through your week? As I said before, the task is easy peasy and will take you a little less than five minutes to get er’ done. Maybe one for you and one for a friend or two? Maybe getting ready for those end of the year teacher gifts?

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J XO

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  1. Lindsay hendricks January 12, 2018 at 1:07 pm #

    What about those faucets? I do love all of this and all of your makeovers and cannot believe the massive contrasts in them

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