instagram love. follow along. won’t you?

Do you instagram? Are you an instagram guru? Well, here is the awful truth. I am a little scared by instagram. Remember the old days when ‘techy’ meant that you had a pager, but you were still required to drop a quarter in a pay phone to call that person back. Sometimes I think my kids are techier than me and I am stuck in the old school days. It’s not that I am not techy, but it’s not something I get super psyched about. And, I am sure I am part of a small {ok, tiny} group that feels that way.

Well, sometimes we all need to be a little stretched. My publicity coordinator {aka lil’ bro} and my tech consultant {aka sis-in-law} are behind all my techy moves around here. That darn publicity coordinator just won’t stop trying to get me to be a part of the tech world, so I have decided to go along with his {brilliant, i admit} ideas. This little thing called instagram is a move by him. Publicity Coordinator, I thank you.

Won’t you follow along? I don’t want to be all alone on instagram taking these silly pictures for no one to see. If not, at least I know I have two followers that are along for the ride. Do I dare say that they are my tech consultant and publicity coordinator? Is that sad? I hope not.

If anything, maybe you’ll see some silly shots of my kids {i promise to keep it real} or get a sneak peek of some projects I have going on around the house. I can’t promise they will be finished anytime soon, but maybe a little picture for all to see is just what I need to stay motivated.

Visit me on instagram and follow along. Yes, this is one of those times it’s okay to be a follower. Follow along on my instagram adventures here. Let’s be followers together, shall we?

follow on instagram

Let’s get instagramming. Is that even a word? Well, I am learning all about this novel exchange-a-gram, oops, I mean instagram and hope you will follow along on my {learning} journey.

click. share. follow.

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2 Responses to instagram love. follow along. won’t you?

  1. Misty April 4, 2014 at 11:50 am #

    This post just made me laugh! “Exchange-a-gram” because you are “on-the-line”…

    • lulu & linen April 4, 2014 at 11:54 am #

      I’m glad at least someone got it! I thought I was pretty funny….

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