trick to keeping the bathroom clean. martha would be proud.

I am pretty sure one day, long ago during my college years when I {actually} had time to read through a whole magazine I stumbled upon this tip. I am pretty sure it was from my good friend, Martha Stewart, but let’s just pretend I came up with it all myself.

Needless to say, it has been my nightly ritual since college and I think it makes ALL the difference in the world. Want in on the secret? Not hard. Oh, so easy. Lifesaver.

You may have figured this out by now, {or already know me way too well} but I am a little {ok, a lottle} of a clean freak. I love things clean and tidied up. I am not one for clutter or messes. But, this girl doesn’t have enough time in the day to get bathrooms cleaned multiple times a week. Who am I kidding? I am on a two-week rotation basis, so I need to make each day count. The longer it looks clean the happier this girl is.

{and the only}.

Seriously, that’s it.
Keep a washcloth tucked in a secret spot. After you finish washing your face, brushing your teeth, applying your nightly moisturizer follow this routine:

1. Take out a washcloth.
Wow. Hard. Have one handy.

2. Wipe it down.
You heard it right. I wipe it ALL down. I wipe the faucet {now so shiny!}, the counters, the everything.

3. Smile and admire.
Look at how sparkly that faucet and counter are. Do it every night and your bathroom cleaning duties will be extended by days, do I dare say weeks? Trust me. It extends your cleaning duties by at least a week.

Just look at how sparkly and clean these bathrooms are? A little motivation for you.

Bath Fixture 3{pinterest. my link disappeared, sorry.}

bathroom fixture {hazardous design}

bathroom fixture 2 {traditional home}

Want to see more bathrooms? Visit my pinterest board and see some bathrooms that I heart. Sigh. Someday. Visit them here.

With that said, I thank you, Martha. And, I think my friends will thank you too. Don’t you think?

love. enjoy. share.

Letter J XO

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