just a little {cheat} brownie pops.

I admit, sometimes it is better to cheat. No, I will never reveal this secret to my precious lil’ darlings, but sometimes a little shortcut makes everything better. You know those days when you have the best of intentions, but then life gets away from you and you realize that time is ticking? Well, one of those happened to me. And, it was not a good day for it to happen. What day you ask? The one and only day my little baby {not anymore, sigh.} turned six.

Here’s the story. My other half was working out of town, I seemed to have gathered a million things on my plate and I had no time to make those {from scratch} cake pops like I had dreamed up for the little Mr.’s birthday party. But, a brilliant plan came to mind while browsing the grocery store aisles for some inspiration. Yes, I cheated but it was worth it. My small dose of {legal} cheating led me to these cuties…

brownies with label

And, I can’t share how ridiculously simple this is. Even if you don’t have a love for baking, this will be right up your alley. Oh so simple, and just a few ingredients since the grocery store does most of the work for you. Thank you grocery store.

{materials. ingredients.}
package {or two} of brownie bites
frosting of your choice
melting discs, chocolate chips or melting chocolate bar for the outside frosting
cake pop sticks

{cheater, cheater brownie pops.}

step 2/

See what I  mean? This time around a little cheat was the way to go. They still look adorable and {looked} like I made them from scratch. But, with very little time on my hands it was the perfect compromise. And, perhaps you are as lucky as me to have a little helper. Well, if you can call it help. But, regardless, she was drooling over these tasty little treats and looked pretty adorable doing so. 

lulu brownie collage

Maybe you need a little {cheater} trick of your own. Try it for your next dinner party, birthday party or upcoming summer picnics. A serious time saver that looks like you spent endless hours completing. Enjoy.

Brownie Collage

eat. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO


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