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diy number {5} art.

Did you pick your number? A little something that sums up you? If you have been following along, earlier this week you learned about my fascination with the number {5}. If you missed it, take a quick peek {here} and  find out why I am smitten with that silly number {5}.

To add to my collection of {5}s around the house I came up with a simple, inexpensive, one of a kind art piece. Each time I walk by it my heart skips a little beat reminding me of how blessed I am. It is a little something I like to call,

Number Art Picture

Truly, this project was super simple and cost me a whopping grand total of $10. {Me likey. My other half REALLY likey.} I will warn you that my low price tag did come from the fact that I basically had everything already at my house, either from a previous project or my craft stash.


{you will need}
chalkboard paint or a paint color of your choice
white paint
paintbrushes – one small & one big
ribbon or jute webbing
staple gun
glue gun
upholstery tacks
white chalk
attached template (s)
wood board
{i used a left over wood countertop we ripped out when redoing our kitchen office area}
{board can be the size of your choice}

Step 1 If using chalkboard paint, two to three coats will be needed.
I used chalkboard paint because that was the look I was going for, but any paint color will work.

Step 2 Super important!
Prime the board, which basically means rub a piece of chalk all over the board.
This protects it from ‘saving’ your first image or project.
{skip this step if you’re using regular ole’ paint}

Step 3

Use a rag to wipe the board clean, or at least somewhat clean.

Step 4 I used a large board and am too much of a perfectionist to draw my own number 5, so I enlisted in
the help of my neighborhood Staples store to provide me with a template.
Use the number template to have an engineered print made of the number you wish to use.
{i blew my image up to 24″ x 36″ because that worked best for my board}
Find the template here.
{note: if you’re using a smaller board you may be able to print it on your own printer}

Step 5 Tape the image onto a window or sliding glass door.
Trace the image with chalk. Press hard. The more chalk the better.

Step 6 Optional

Flip over the traced image and place on your painted board.
Trace {again} with the chalk, which will imprint onto your board.
Gorgeous? Good news. If you don’t like it you can wipe it clean and trace it once more.
Ok, maybe four more times like me.

Optional Step 6

I decided to add the written number five because it needed a little something more.
If you want to include this as well use the written number template .
Print on your printer, trim the edges and repeat {step 5} and {step 6}.
Find the template here.

Step 7 Time to paint. I chose white paint to complete the look.
To make straight lines, use a ruler while painting to keep your edges nice and straight.
Use a small sanding sponge or sandpaper to give number 5 a ‘worn’ look.

If you are using the written words at the bottom paint this as well.
The words at the bottom were too much for me {too stark, too noticeable}, so I went over the words with another layer of chalkboard paint.
Then, I rubbed chalk over the newly painted surface to have the written outline appear.

Step 8

Depending on the thickness of your board, you may choose to cut the jute webbing in half.
My board was only an inch thick and my jute webbing was too thick to attach without cutting it first.
Remember, you can also use a different type of ribbon, jute webbing or different material altogether.

Step 9  Pin the jute webbing to your board.
This step will keep it from slipping when you start gluing.

Step 10

 Pull up the pins on one side of the board and apply a thick layer of hot glue.
Press down firmly.
Continue this process until you have reached the edge of the board.

Step 11 Staple the leftover fabric to the board.
Use the {quick tip} above to keep the edges from puckering.
To keep the jute webbing tight, place a staple on each end and one in the middle.
Then work your way back into the middle with your staple gun.
{repeat step 9, step 10 and step 11 around the other three edges of the board}

Step 12

 Add upholstery tacks to the edges of your board.
{i found mine, an antique bronze, at JoAnn Fabrics for about $2.00 per package}
Using a tape measure / ruler mark out where your tacks will go with a marker.
{ mine were approximately 2″ apart}
Once marked, use a hammer to secure the upholstery tacks.

You are done. Isn’t it divine? Don’t forget you can always rub your chalk over it once more to give it a more ‘worn, aged’ look. Simply rub over with chalk yet again {just like when you prime the board} and wipe off a little or  a lot, depending on your look, with a rag. Hopefully, it will be a new favorite among your own home. 

And, who knows, maybe along the way you will have a chance to get your own ‘littles’ involved. I had a little helper of my own and thought it was only fitting to let him {and his counterpart} be part of the show too.

Sawyer  Catwoman

You now have a one of a kind art piece that is a true reflection of you, your life, your family, your blessings. May your heart skip a beat too each time you walk by your own version of {diy number art}. 

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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diy notepads. so easy. teachers will smile.

Truth? I love notepads. I have them all over the house. I love to make checklists. I love to keep track of my day. I seriously just love notepads.

And, who doesn’t love a notepad more than a teacher? My thoughts exactly. So, I was on a mission to find an easy way to make  a notepad for the kiddos’ teachers as a {happy first day of school} package. So simple. So easy. So ridiculously cute. My other half thinks it’s brown-nosing, but I disagree.


{you will need}
notepad template
cardboard, chipboard
pad/book compound glue
{find the compound HERE}
small paint or foam brush

Notepad Materials

{your task}

step 1. print the template.
So many choices… Which one will you choose?

step 2. cut the template into four even sections. cut the cardboard to match… an old box worked perfectly for me.

Step 1 Paper

step 3. use your clamps to hold down the sides. apply the glue with your paintbrush.
apply at least two coats of glue for an even consistency.
place a clamp in the middle as well to keep from puckering in the middle
if you are wanting to make these right away… rumor has it that caulking from the hardware store will work too!

Step 2 Glue

step 4. dry. wrap. done.

What teacher wouldn’t be smitten with something as adorable as these? You can even find some matching pens or pencils to complete the {happy first day of school package}. I found mine at Target in the $1 bins. Wrap your new notepads up and add the attached tag for some a little something extra. {find Happy 1st Day Tags here}

Easy. Simple. An adorable way to share a note or two.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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