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flour sack towel. frame it. love it.

Don’t you just LOVE finding a way to re-purpose something that may have been made for something else? Take this adorable flour sack towel. I found it, read it and realized it had to find a home somewhere in our house.


I think the ‘fingerprints shine through the windows’ is what really won me over. That is my life. I am constantly washing those darn doors and windows. It’s official. My life in a nutshell…

where toys litter the floor

dishes crowd the sink
fingerprints shine through windows
artwork covers the fridge
dandelions wait for a vase
laughter echoes the halls


New spot? Right off the kitchen in the family room. I am a little smitten with it and every time I walk by it I smile and am reminded of just how blessed I am. Yep, there are definitely lots of toys scattered and fingerprints making their mark, but I am sure I will look back sometime in the not too distant future and miss these moments.

1-tea towel framed

I was lucky to stumble upon it while browsing through Nordstrom with my little bro. I also picked up this towel, but haven’t decided where or what I am going to do with it. Who knows, I may succumb to actually using it as a towel. Now wouldn’t that be a crazy idea?


You can find oodles of other towels by the same brand, Second Nature By Hand, which is dreamed up and made by a cute lil’ couple in Wisconsin. This adorable husband and wife team also have black & white subway art, hand carved books {so cool!}, and reclaimed tobacco lath art. You can find more of their products here.

But, if you are in the market for one of their towels that just might make you smile, see some of what Nordstrom has to offer. One word. adorable.

1-towel pics-001

Try it. Find a flour sack towel that makes you smile. Pull out a frame and find a special home for it, other than on your kitchen counter.

Letter j 2

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