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laundry tips. for those of us who don’t love it.

Um, this is a little embarrassing. I love laundry. Like, seriously love. Mind you, I know that I am in a very small percentage of people who actually enjoy the act of laundering, folding and putting away.

Rumor has it laundry is not a fun task for many. So, I am here to share {three} quick tips that might make it a little less daunting and a lot more efficient. If you know me well, you know that I am a bit of an organized and efficient girl. That’s putting it nicely.

laundry room

{LizMarie Blog. 25 Dreamy Laundry Rooms}

tip one

I have one rule in my laundry room, NO laundry baskets allowed. Two reasons. It totally makes sense, don’t you think?

1. The basket is the perfect place for clothes to sit and sit and sit.
I will get it done if they are not in a pile. Instead, fold clothes as you take them out of the dryer. Don’t let them sit in a  laundry basket, you can always tell yourself it will get done in another hour or another day. If you commit to folding as you take out of the dryer you are more likely to have them folded in a quick manner. Scouts honor.

2. Get some exercise.
Fold it. Make piles in your arms. Walk it to the appropriate room. Now it’s off the top of your dryer and you’ve even burned a few calories while at it. Feel free to eat an extra cookie. There is a good chance you will walk a few extra steps if you don’t put it all in a basket and carry it in one load.

tip two

Each of my kids {and us parents} have our own collapsible laundry baskets. My rule? Never do it all in one day and never mix baskets. That’s just plain torture.

Number one. I never mix the kids baskets. I do them individually, which makes folding a cinch. No checking tags for sizes or wondering who the shirt belongs to who. I wash, dry, fold and put away before the next dryer load is done. Easy as pie.

Number two. I spilt up days. I tend to do the boys’ laundry on Saturday nights after our sports are over and we are gearing up for the next week. And, the little lady gets hers done during the week when I am at home getting things done. The parents? Well, when the laundry basket is brimming I usually think it is about time.


Don’t think I am too crazy. I tell myself it must be that type-a in me, so blame it on my genes. I have serious issues with laundry folding. I can’t handle disorganized, messy piles. While I am folding I have to have a little order and organization to be as efficient as possible.

I fold. I make piles. Yes, piles. It goes a little something like this. T-shirts all go in one pile. Jeans go in another pile. Pajamas in another pile. Do you see my crazy coming out? When you fold and place in separate piles it makes putting the clothes away SO much easier. I literally grab a pile, open the drawer, put away and move on to the next pile. Organized. Efficient. Just what I love.

There you go. Three tips that I hope will make your laundry a little less messy and a little easier. Who knows, maybe laundry will become a happier part of your day. You think?

love. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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two ideas. christmas cards. storing memories.

What is one of my favorite things about Christmas? Cards. I am an easy girl to please. Any type of stationary or card and I am sold. Which is probably why I eagerly wait for Christmas cards like one of my kids waiting for Santa to arrive. I absolutely heart looking at the pictures, seeing kids grow up and reading about the adventures for the year. Do you too?

Ok, maybe you’re not as in love with Christmas cards as me, but I am guessing you too collect a plethora of Christmas cards. But, what to do with them? I have {two} ideas that might just make you rethink throwing those darlings in the trash once the new year has arrived.

Good news? Oh, so simple. {and, I really mean it this time.} And, it might bring a little laughs and smiles to your own family in years to come.

{No. 1… family christmas card album}
I love, love creating Christmas cards for our family. It is one of the highlights of my November as I gear up for the holiday season. I spend {way too much} time finding the perfect card for the year. My other half thinks it is a bit bizarre and just smiles and pretends that I don’t have issues as I scour to find the right one. When our house burned down  almost exactly {crazy it’s been that long} five years ago I became on a mission to document everything. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. One thing that I wanted to be sure to collect were those {little} memories that I can someday share with my kids and {hopefully} their own little ones.

album with words

Now, I keep one copy of our yearly Christmas card and add it to a book that my kids can look through year after year. It is so cute to watch them sit down and look at how much they have changed. It kind of makes me giggle as they say, “is that me?”

1-Xmas Cards

All you need?
{1} a photo book
{2} your family holiday card

A simple way to start each December with some smiles and a chance to reflect on years past.

{No. 2… ring it up christmas card style} 
It pains me to throw away all the festive holiday cards that we receive. In past years, I have cringed at the act of physically putting them in the garbage. Alas an idea came to play. Though, I must give all credit to one of my besties, Leslie. She has a knack for turning her house into a holiday wonderland, regardless of what holiday it is. But, I digress. This smart lady introduced me to a brilliant idea a few years back… Gathering your yearly cards on a large ring. What? So easy. Why didn’t I think of that? Didn’t I tell you it would be brilliant? Yes, she’s brilliant.


All you need? 
{1} a hole punch
{2} your Christmas cards
{3} large ring

1-Xmas Cards1

Again. Simple. Hole punch your cards and place them on a large ring. And, store from year to year. I save mine in a basket and the kids look through them each year we open up our holiday boxes.

Now, if you want to take it one step further read on. If not, pretend that you never saw this next part. This is something totally unnecessary, yet I find myself doing these silly things again and again. Why? I have no idea. I usually get so annoyed with myself during the middle of it, but inevitability by the end I smile when I am done. So, if you are in the mood to get a little crafty and spice up those simple, silver rings continue on. Otherwise, scroll to the bottom and forget you saw any of this.

For the past few years, I keep {thinking} about spicing up those boring, silver rings. This year, I finally set aside a little time to do it. To add to my theme of a hint of red I chose to wrap the silver ring with red twine I already had around the house. Truly, the project took me about five minutes and I think it is pretty darling.

ring materials

1-Wrapping Ring

Kind of fun.  Super easy. Very green. Won’t Mother Nature be proud of you?

And, before I forget MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope your day with family and friends brings you many smiles and memories. Cherish every moment of the season and celebrate in the real meaning of Christmas. Thank you for following along with me on this silly blogging adventure. 

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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diy kids closet organizer. lifesaver.

Life is a little different now that I have a kindergartner and someone who has to be somewhere every single morning. A little more crazy and the need for no arguments in the morning is a must. When I was working full-time my little munchkins never argued with me about their clothes or what I picked out. Well, rarely ever. But now that they have entered the world of {little kid} they have a lot more ownership over what they wear. You can’t even imagine some of the outfits the middle one comes up with. Oh my.

So, I was on a mission to find something that would help in a few areas. Time. Arguments. Efficiency. Our mornings are a little hectic {aren’t everyones?}, so I needed a little help in this area. Problem solved. I found an adorable way to keep my ‘big’ organized and still have it look cute. Yes, I need things to be cute. It is a real problem. But the truth is I smile each time we organize his clothes Sunday evening. And, he helped along the way.

closet finished

Isn’t it adorable? I love it. I tell myself he loves it. And, it is a simple way to organize his clothes. In fact, each Sunday evening we get it ready together. He chooses what he will wear and tucks it in the correct day. A simple way to get rid of the morning complaining. Yep, I love it.

closet organizer collage



materials closet organizer {i found mine at target}
pieces of wood {i used basal wood from Joann’s}
chalkboard paint
twine or ribbon
chalkboard marker


painting collage If necessary, cut your wood first.
{i used long pieces of basla wood and decided to cut it to six inch pieces. skip this step if you used pre-cut pieces}

Paint your wood. {the little ones helped me out and loved it}

WARNING: DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM YOUR PAINT FOR ONE SECOND! Lulu collage Do not let this sweet face fool you.
During our painting time I literally walked in the house for 15 seconds to get a paper towel. During this time she managed to climb up on the table {i didn’t even know she could do that!} and start eating the paint. Yep, that’s right. EATING THE PAINT. Little stinker. I had to scoop black paint out of her mouth. Oh, and call Poison Control. That makes for a fantastic day. So, learn from me. Whatever you do, don’t walk away from your paint with a curious 15 month old standing by. Note to self.

prime chalk

So important. Prime the chalkboard. Rub the chalk sideways to ‘prime’ the board and keep it from leaving unwanted marks and writing.

write days Using your chalkboard marker, have your little one {or you} write the days of the week.
{You can find chalkboard markers at your local craft store. My favorite brand is ‘chalk ink’. An example is here}

twine and labels collage Drill holes into the chalk plates and the organizer.
{i did not include a picture of this step}
Thread with twine or a ribbon of your choice and attach to the closet organizer.

closet collage

 And, you’re done. Now all you need is some clothes to complete the project.
Can you feel the stress that will be gone tomorrow morning? I promise, you will love it.

A truly simple way to organize your morning outfit choices. Maybe your kiddo’s need it. Or, may your other half needs it. Whoever it may be, may it make your mornings a little bit smoother than they were before.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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