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bathroom redo. for the kids. much better.

Do have that one room that you know you should start because every time you look at it you cringe? The kids’ bath was one of those rooms for me. Not so bad you couldn’t use it, but it was quite the eye sore. And, I am not one for eye sores. Why didn’t I do it earlier? Uh, who knows. But, I wish I would have because it took a total of two weekends to get er’ done. Oh well.

Here’s the before. A lot more maple, fake marble with lovely sinks that had the same faux look. Goodbye, tired old bath.

kids bath before

A few changes and voila. Look at the beauty now.

kids 7

bath 2

kids 4

kids 3

And, do you see that lil’ cutie in the background? Shadow likes to follow me wherever I go and never passes up an opportunity for a little photo op. What did we change? Just a few simple, inexpensive tricks that make a bathroom transformation seem a little closer to a reality than a dream.

{love it? want it?}

Wall Paint: Sherwin Williams ‘Moody Blue’
I am not one for color, but I figure the kids bath is as good a place as ever. So, we went for a more ‘colorful’ look that had a little vintage twist.

Cabinet Paint: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White with ClearWax
If you follow along, you know I heart Annie Sloan. And, I HEART the new cabinets. We painted the cabinets white to keep it clean, brighten up the space and have some consistency with the kitchen and hallway cabinets. We sealed it with a clear wax and friends, this huge change took hardly anytime at all. I think I had all the cabinets finished in two days. Big difference. Not a lot of time. Amen.

Cabinet Hardware: Marshalls & Target
I said it once and I will say it again, a little hardware goes a long way. I found the round cuties at Marshalls, sorry folks, that ‘s one of those places that is hit or miss. Keep your eyes out for them, they are cute and cost me a whopping $5. The larger pulls I found at Target a few years ago and used them on our hallway cabinets, but had a few leftover I was saving for a rainy day. They come in a 6-pack and are so versatile and cute.

 Tile for Floor: Natural Timber Ash Porcelain Floor Tile at Lowes
This just might be my favorite part of all. I can’t get enough of it. Porcelain floor tile that is made to look like old barn wood. Which basically means I can easily clean it but not sacrifice the look I love. Seriously, die. We used the same tile as in our master bathroom which you can see here.
We chose to use 8 inch planks in a repeating pattern. Best part? Less than $3.50 a square foot. You can find a link to the color and product we used here. It was worth the extra time it took to get straight lines because I absolutely LOVE it.

Tile for Backsplash: Arabesque Lantern White Porcelain Mosaic
Another favorite and easy on the budget. This Arabesque Lantern White Porcelain Mosaic was found at Floor & Decor for just $3.79. Booya. And, when you only need three sheets it’s a happy day. A little white grout, elbow grease {thanks, hubs} and you have a new backsplash.

 Countertops: Black Galaxy – honed by our granite subcontractor
This was a freebie, kind of. We had extra from one of Paul’s projects that had been sitting in our garage for about forever. Kids and shiny granite? Uh, no thanks. But, we were able to hire our granite guy to ‘hone‘ it for us, which took away the shiny look. Now it looks a little more like soapstone {a fave for this girl} and a little less like your traditional granite. Does it leave crazy spots? Yes, but I am teaching those kids to use a wipe and keep it clean. We shall see how long that lasts…

What do you think? Way better? An updated version that looks a little more like the rest of our house. A few quick changes and it looks like new. Well, almost new. Perhaps your bathroom is calling you to try a few of these tricks out yourself.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J XO

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diy headboard and reading lamp. perfect for the boy.

My boy is getting big. Time for a big boy bedroom. Earlier this week, I shared our inspiration. You can read more about it here. My little man and I worked hard to get this {summer} project done and he was seriously the cutest little helper eva’. Oh, and the new piece is pretty gosh darn amazing too.

Just a few simple materials will get the job done. A little something I like to call… easy, peasy.

fence boards {total of 6}
Pine 1×4 ripped down to 2″ wide {total of 1}
white paint
red paint
stain {i used special walnut}
ruler or 2×6 to measure straight lines
first aid stencil template
sconce {optional}

bed materials

bed 1

{wish i would have… used painters tape to tape the outside and then filled it in. would have made life a whole lot easier and a little less stressful while grayson was painting away. whelp, now i know.}

Seriously adorable, right? I love it. He loves it. I love it. What could be better? Oh, I know. The entire project cost me a whopping $38. You heard it… THIRTY-EIGHT DOLLARS. Fortunately, I have a lot of goodies hanging around the house and extra paint for days, so I only had to purchase the wood {$15} and the sconce {$20} plus a little tax. Sigh. Clap. Smile.


Maybe a new piece of art or a reading lamp for your room too? Who knows, maybe these will end up all over my house because I love them so much.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J XO

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bedroom for boy. new version. the inspiration.

Holy cannoli. My first born. My baby. My lil’ G is… OLD. When did that happen? He is seriously growing up before my eyes. Can you hear the tears rolling down my cheek? He officially started 2nd grade and this mama is having a few {okay, maybe more than a few} issues with that. So sad.

Well, this summer it was our goal to transform his room a bit. The little Lulu got his old bed and he got a chance to upgrade to a bigger bed and a more {mature} twist on his room. Gulp.

The room reveal will come later. For now, the inspiration that started it all. Mr. Grayson was all over helping, giving ideas and being a part of the whole process, which required some serious mommy patience. Painting with a 7 year old? Need I say more?

Step 1. New bed.
The man of the house built him a new platform bed which we stained. More the come later.
Bed? Check.

Step 2. Light issues.
G is totally into reading right now. Oh how that makes my heart smile. So, we needed a way for him to read, but also some type of headboard to offset the low platform bed. After some brainstorming we came up with an idea… a framed out piece of art that would hold a plug-in sconce.

Aha, inspiration. G and I got to work brainstorming some different options and came up with our top seven. Stop it. Too cute.


| 1 schoolhouse electric princeton | 2 world market ethan3 ikea ranarp |
| 4 schoolhouse electric radar | 5 restoration hardware industrial era | 6 ikea ranarp |
| 7 barn light electric lovell |

Let’s be real. I have expensive taste and apparently my son inherited it from me. Our first choice? Number 4. I mean, die. It is ADORABLE. That was the one we HAD to have.

But then my voice of reason, otherwise know as the husband, gave us a big fat n-o. Why is it the cutest? Well, because it is a whopping $205 buckaroos. Oh boo. The husband won again. He reminded me that our 7 year old will not appreciate a $200 sconce. Well, I guess I will just have to find another place for it where I can appreciate it.

So, we settled on Grayson’s second choice and most inexpensive. Holla.

Just a little sneak peek…

{ikea ranarp plug-in sconce.}

Seriously in love with this one-of-a kind art piece. When I walk by Grayson’s room my smile gets a little wider. Later this week, find out how to make one of your own. Get excited.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J XO

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mercury chand 1

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auction project. teepee time.

Don’t worry. I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. I know you were worried. Nope. It’s just that projects overtook my life and finding the time to blog didn’t happen. But I’m back, for now.

Most of you know, I’m a project girl. To my hub’s dismay I am usually either knee-deep in one project or have multiple projects going on at one time. This time, it was the latter. Too many projects and one little lady that seriously loves to “help”. A little trickier than when I got my sta-uff done during her naps. Oh well.

First project. Teepee. Tag it. Remind yourself for next year. You won’t regret it. Promise. The cutest darn teepee you will ever find. Don’t you think?


This little beauty was for G’s 1st grade auction project. I’m not going to lie, it had a huge learning curve, but I promise that it was worth it. It was in our front room for a few weeks and we were in it every night reading books and practicing our spelling. The kiddos loved it so much that I promised I would make one for them. Another thing to add to the list.

If you ever come across a need for an auction project and you can sew {even if just a little} I think you should tackle this one. I used this tutorial as a reference, but changed a few things along the way. Also, they are assuming you use a 45″ width for the top fabric. Remember that. I didn’t and mine was 54″. Had to do lots of recutting. Oops!

I am hoping it will be a real money maker. And, it is just too, too cute.


Want to get the kids involved?

First, I went into the classroom and had them make tassels {they loved} for the garland out of colorful yarn. I also drilled small holes in birch circles which they wrote their name and favorite book on. The hope is that whatever lucky winner has some reading adventures while sitting in their new teepee.


At the end, I brought in the teepee and had them stitch Xs on the bottom using the same cream yarn and upholstery needles. Canvas is pretty easy to poke a hope through, so my other half helped me to measure and mark where each kid was to sew. The kids seriously loved the “sewing” part and it add the perfect final touch.


Crossing my fingers its a money maker. If not, at least someone has a cute place to play, read or just be. Are you thinking it might be a winner for your next auction project too?

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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one laundry bag. two different projects.

Do you ever stumble across a treasure you weren’t expecting to find and realize it has some serious potential. Most times, the goodies I wasn’t meaning to find are the ones I love the most. For me, it all started while browsing Marshall’s looking for something completely unrelated.

While walking through the aisles I found this huge pile of laundry bags by Cynthia Rowley. They were a thick canvas material and came in six different prints. They had a vintage, french-inspired look. Basically, they had me at hello. So cute. So much potential. I walked out with six of the laundry bags in different prints and came up with two different projects, for now at least.

Just look at what one type of laundry bag turned into?  For you, {two} different projects all made from a simple laundry bag.

{project one.}

Outdoor pillows. They found a new home on our outdoor couch and are just about the cutest thing on the block. Well, at least I think so. Hello, adorable pillows.

laundry bag pillow 2

My original plan was to take the bags apart and sew a  pillowcase for the outdoor pillows that I had purchased at World Market, but did not love. But to my surprise I did a little stuffing, a little wiggling and found that the bags fit the pillows {almost} perfectly.

laundry bag pillow 1

laundy bag pillow 3

The only work required was removing the shoulder straps with a  seam ripper to make the back side of the pillow flat and a few coats of scotch guard. Yes, scotch guard is the key. This girl does not want mildew or stains on those oh so adorable outdoor pillows, thus a few cans of scotch guard were a must.

{project two.}

Hello, adorable laundry room curtain. I fully admit I am a nerd. I love laundry and I love a laundry room that makes me smile. Our old laundry room was a little slice of heaven with its butcher block counter and abundance of space. But, our current laundry room just got better.

laundry curtain 2

A simple curtain completes the window {cabinets come next. boo.} and gives it a little bit of personality. The laundry-themed bag was the perfect print for the space. Isn’t it too, too cute?


The project was ridiculously simple. Using a seam-ripper I took apart the laundry bag and unfolded it to make a longer piece of fabric. I was short 1/4″ on the width {of course.}, so I used the shoulder straps I had originally taken off to add extra width to the fabric. Then, I made a faux-roman shade using simple pleats and stitching under each overlapping pleat. Time in all? One hour tops. Not much time, but lots of smiles.

Does it make you want some laundry bags of your own? Well, you just might need to stop by Marshall’s or TJ Maxx and see if you can find some in your neighborhood. Otherwise, here are some other options that may just perfect for you. Though, I don’t want to rub it in, but I did get a smokin’ deal on mine. Do you fancy any for your own space?

laundry bag ideas

1| Crate & Barrel
2| Soiled Garments
3| West Elm
4| Etsy
5| H & M

Maybe you, too, should add a little canvas laundry bag somewhere in your home. Who knows, it might make you smile a little extra too. I have a few more bags just waiting to be turned into something a little more exciting than the current state they are in. Now if only I could decided what to do with them. Hmmm.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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mercury glass chandelier. from old to new.

If you know me, you know that I love chandeliers. Like, seriously love. In fact, I could have one in every room of my house if my other half would let me. But, a girls got to draw a line somewhere. Oh boo. Not sure what it is, but chandeliers hold a special place in my heart. And, whenever I see a sliver of hope for a chandelier to turn into something gorgeous I am all over it. Meet the {old} chandelier. Awful. Outdated. Not my favorite.

1-Before 6

Isn’t she a beauty? My husband and his brother have a company that purchases properties, remodels them and sells them. But, I like to think of it as more than flipping homes, rather transforming a property into a home. And, that is what I did with this chandelier. A little transformation. Meet the {new} chandelier. Gorgeous. Unique. Now one of my very favorites. mercury chand 1

mercury chand 2

mercury chand 3

I am truly smitten each time I walk into our bathroom. Maybe because I was able to repurpose it for about $20 or maybe because it adds that lil’ bit of glam that every bathroom needs. The mercury glass look was extremely simple and easy for anyone to accomplish. All it took? Time.


glass chandelier pieces {or, you could use any type of glass or mirror for a project similar to this} Krylon Looking Glass spray spray bottle – set on the finest mist vinegar water paper towels

step 1 mercury

step 2 mercury {your vinegar solution should be 1 part water, 1 part vinegar.}

step 3 mercury

step 4 mercury

step 5 mercury

step 6 mercury

step 7 mercury

step 8 mercury

The real question now is what to do with those extra bottles of looking glass spray. Well, I have a few mirrors I have yanked off walls that are calling for a little redo. Maybe you have an old 80’s chandelier lying around your house too. Or, maybe an old mirror. Whatever it may be, try a little Looking Glass spray to transform something into a lil’ bit of glam for only a little bit of work. try. enjoy. share. Letter J  XO

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what a difference a doorknob makes. true love.

Yes. We are still working on turning our house into something we love and smile at each time we walk in. Though it has been a process. As I shared before, we are slowly working on updating our house from builder-grade to something that is a better reflection of us.

Now we were pretty lucky to have had the chance to live with bright, gold doorknobs and hinges. They truly made me cringe each time I looked at them. I am sure that no one else noticed them, but they were such an eye sore for me. I stared. I scowled. And then I let it go because there were a million other things on the {to do} list.

labeled gold knobs

However, last week the game plan all changed. We decided to bite the bullet {hoping that’s the right saying… horrible at those silly sayings} and get some new dark doorknobs and hinges that would be more cohesive with the projects we have been finishing. Bad news? We seriously have about a million doors. Good news? I found something that fit within my budget and still achieved the look I was going for. One happy girl.

after doorknobs

Now I am asking myself, “Why did we wait so long?”. The new hardware has changed the entire look of our house and space. We now look down the hallways or into our bathroom and smile. Take it from me, a new doorknob or hinge will make an enormous impact. Yes, it may cost a little, but I promise you it will be worth it.

after doorknobs hall & pantry

We found our doorknobs and hinges at Lowes and used the Gatehouse doorknob series for all interior doors. To complete the finished look black hinges were a must. Believe it or not, these are almost as expensive as the doorknobs. Go figure. But, totally worth it. We used matching Gatehouse hinges to finish it off.

I was originally looking for a matte black, but these are so dark that you can’t tell they are oil rubbed bronze. And, the best part of all is that they are very affordable. Maybe someday I will get those dream knobs of mine, but they will have to wait for our next house and a lot less doors. A girl can dream, right?

Who to thank? Well, my Mr. who spent a good part of Mother’s Day finishing up the doorknobs and hinges for me, since we were only halfway done. Thanks to him we are completely finshed and have what feels like a brand new space.

A new doorknob or two. Looks brand new. A smile on the face.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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goodbye laminate. hello stripes.

Project: playroom bathroom. More to come on this incredibly sad, barren space. But, the gist of it is the floor is some kind of horrible. Well, horrible if you don’t love looking at an outdated linoleum floor in the bathroom. The good news? Well, it is technically the playroom bathroom, so I don’t have to look at it that often. But, often enough that I was starting to really despise that floor.

Later this week, you will see a few more pictures of how I transformed our playroom bathroom for less than $300. I was on a budget and determined to turn the little space into something special. But, today is not about my budget saving techniques, rather how YOU can transform an outdated linoleum floor into something adorable. Before I begin, I must give big kudos to my friend, Traci, for this one. She inspired the idea with some floors of her own. Traci, I thank you.

Here’s the down and dirty of that blah bathroom.

{1} I didn’t want to spend a lot. The bathroom is not high on the priority list for me, but was something that needed a quick overhaul. So, easy on the wallet was a must.

{2} We will likely replace the floors at some point. But, I wanted something that would make the bathroom look “complete” while we decide what flooring to put in. However, I am kind of in love with the floor, so we will see if we ever do replace it.

{3} It had to be easy? Did I ever share that I am horrible at the {small} details. It drives my husband crazy and he is the exact opposite. I don’t like to measure and I am an “eye-baller”. Again, driving him crazy. This project is easy and requires barely any measuring at all.

I am sure you are dying to know. What did they look like before. Aren’t they just gorgeous?

playroom bath before

Just a little bit of love and a total of $45 and here is what these beauties look like now. I look and I smile. Mission accomplished.

playroom floor final

playroom floors materials

{you will need}
tray for paint
small roller
small paintbrush
1.88″ thick blue tape
2 cans of porch and floor enamel paint
{if doing stripes, one will be 50% tint}
{no stripes, then just one color}

Playroom Floors Paint Specifics

{steps. easy at 1, 2, 3 and a few more.}

playroom floors 1

playroom floors 2

playroom floors 3

Playroom Floors Tape

playroom floors 5

playroom floors 6

playroom floors finished

playroom floors 7

Aren’t they just the cutest? Cross my heart, it is so easy. In fact, I finished it in a few short days. The length of time was due to the fact that stuff only gets done when the little lady sleeps and I wanted to be sure it dried completely. All in all, a simple and quick project with a huge impact.

playroom floors reveal 2

Didn’t I promise it would be easy? Tell your family. Tell your friends. Let outdated laminate be your friend.

playroom floors collage

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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printable valentine’s day cards for kids. print. stuff. give.

Get ready… Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. If you have kids you have probably already thought, “Wait, how many kids are in the class?” I know. Brace yourself. The countdown is on.

I fully admit it. I am one of those moms who can’t pick the valentines off the shelf and my poor kids suffer for it. And, I am extra mean because I usually don’t put any candy  in their valentines {um, I’m pretty sure they will get plenty, or that’s what I tell myself}. So I usually try to come up with some creative valentine. This year {gliders}. The boys are pretty gosh darn excited, but probably only because I have promised them each  a glider of their own. Oh well, at least they have a little motivation.

I know what you’re thinking? Valentines already? Well, I am one of those girls who likes to get it done early with no need for stressing, arguing or last minute valentine stuffing. I like to call it, ‘done and done’. Fortunately, writing names is a little easier this year, so it felt like a breeze. Two preschoolers writing their name 24 times last year was seriously painful. Seriously painful.

For you, a {free} valentine printable that you can use to celebrate the month of love and check off your list. All you need is some gliders and you are set. Oh so easy.

Glider 2 with Label

{you will need}

thick paper
glider valentine template
{i bought mine at oriental trading here. super inexpensive and they ship fast. yay!}
{they also have red & pink heart printed gliders found here.}

Glider 3

{your task}

step 1. print the valentine template by clicking {here}.

step 2. cut the valentines out of the attached template.

step 3. have your kiddo write their name on the dotted line.

step 4. fold on the dotted {arrow} line.

step 5. slip over top of the individually wrapper glider bag and staple.

Glider 1

Not your ordinary valentine. And, an easy way to bring a little less candy and a little more smiles to those little ones this valentine season. Happy heart day to you and your family.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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anthropologie inspired shelves. easy on the eyes and wallet.

Favorite store? Hands down, Anthropologie. My other half refuses to go in there with me. Can you blame him? I could wander around that place for hours. In fact, sometimes I do. I love the clothes. I love the decor. I love the dressing room. Ok, I love it all.

As much as I love the place I always walk through thinking, “I could make that.” Well, case in point. We were on a mission to redo our family room {literally empty nooks in the room} and we knew we wanted to add some built-ins. But, I wanted to add something a little unique and be able to accomplish it on a budget. My inspiration? Anthropologie. I found some {amazing, amazing, amazing} brackets that would be perfect for the space, but they came with a hefty price tag.

Brace yourself. This is the empty space we had the pleasure of looking at for months.


Fortunately for me {and you} I found a way to get my anthro look without the anthro price tag. Total cost of project? $21 per shelf. Adorable and a fraction of the cost. How cute are these?

diy 800 px

Good news? Very few materials. A little it of elbow grease and you have some very fancy shelves that don’t have the anthropologie price tag. Love.

final collage shelves

{a few thoughts.}
We chose stair treads to make our shelves 1″ thick verus 1/2″ thick boards.
We also went with a dark walnut stain to match the small office nook in our kitchen.
And, the truth is I found our brackets at Hobby Lobby on sale, so they were only $3.99 instead of $5.99.

 {what to do. oh so easy.}

step 1. stain the wood. both sides. {if necessary, cut the rounded edge of the stair tread first.}
{my trick? paint with a paintbrush and wipe off excess stain. i went with the dark walnut stain. hello, gorgeous.}

shelves step 1

step 2. paint your brackets. {no rhyme or reason.}
I pulled out all of my paints that were in a blue/gray tone and painted each bracket different. I did a total of 8 and wanted them all to be unique. To make it anthro-esque? I painted with a small paintbrush and wiped off with a rag in order to make the black or brown hue from the original bracket show through.

shelves step 2

step 3. measure 6″ in from edge of  shelf and attach bracket with screws to both ends of shelf. Repeat for the number of shelves you are building.
{you may need to adjust your measurements depending on how long your shelves are.}

step 4. done. gorgeous. and, ready to put up. don’t you love?

shelf 1

Look at the difference after. So much better. I seriously smile each time I look at the space. Thanks to my other half who made those beautiful built-ins for me.


shelf 2

shelf 4

Who wouldn’t love a unique shelf that makes a statement? Oh, and is less than $25.

shelf 3

I can’t think of anything better than a little ‘anthropologie’ in my home without the anthro price tag. I admit I smile each time I look at them. So pretty. So cute. So easy.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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