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mimosa bar. hello school. goodbye kiddos.

I fully admit that I enjoy the start of the school year. I seriously heart summer, but it some kind of wonderful to get back into a routine. With that said, I thought that a mimosa bar would be a fitting way to toast to a new school year with some friends and fellow mamas.

So easy. So fun. The perfect way to wish our babies well as the school year starts. Hello, mimosa bar.




mimosa bar food

 Who doesn’t love a {free} printable to go along with it? Something that makes your mimosa bar stand out from the rest. Well, it’s your lucky day. A thank you from me to you for following along.

printable label with heading

{you will need}
thick paper
mimosa bar printable
juice label printables
washi tape or scotch tape
frame or picture stand

{your task}

step 1. print the ‘mimosa bar’ template {here} and the juice labels {here}.

step 2. cut the juice labels out of the attached template.

step 3.  cut ribbon to desired length, loop around and adhere with washi tape.

step 4. loop over juice bottles.

step 5. add the mimosa bar printable template to a frame or on a picture stand.


If you want BLANK mimosa bar labels you can find them here. Personalize it to what you will be serving. Enjoy.

Just look at how ca-ute it is. Don’t you want to host one too? I have already decided that this will have to be my new tradition. It was way too much fun.

sip. enjoy. share.

Letter J XO

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chalkboard wall. september. smile.

I smile. Each time I walk by it, I smile. Yes, another little treasure I have become smitten with is our chalkboard and magnetic wall. I can’t say it enough. I HEART IT!

DIY Wall Picture & logo

If you have been following along, earlier this week you learned about how you can make your own {DIY Chalkboard and Magnetic Wall}. If you missed it, take a quick peek {here} and  find out just how easy it is to transform an empty space into something that will make you smile.

Well, here is a little secret. I might have issues. {Don’t ask my other half that question, I am nervous to know what his answer would be!} My issue? I secretly look forward to the start of a new month just so that I can redo, reinvent and re-personalize our chalkboard wall. I could be on the verge of a very serious problem.

With that said, I now introduce you to my dear friend… SEPTEMBER.

Blog Picture Intro

The theme for this month? A new school year starting and what school is like through the eyes of my little {ok, getting bigger} ones. September is month of firsts in our house. First time in Kindergarten. First time the ‘little’ is without the ‘big’ all day long. First time we actually have to incorporate a true schedule into our lives. First time we get to say ‘Happy September’ to our friends in the blogging world.

This is what our personalized chalkboard wall looks like from down the hallway. The once drab, tiny area now has life and truly makes me smile each time I see it. Too cute for words, in my opinion.

Chalkboard with growth chart


Sept top and bottom

I hope you will do a {first} yourself. Try out a chalkboard wall. Use some or all of the elements above as inspiration. Show off your family. Show off your life. Show off what a blessing it is to have each day.

And, follow along {chalkboard style}. Each month I will share one way that you can jazz up your chalkboard wall or a chalkboard in your home. And yes, it will have a little something to do with that fabulous month we are in. Are you with me?

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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chalk it up. chalkboard wall.

Sometimes the small, simple projects are the ones that leave the biggest impact. Don’t you think? Take our kitchen cabinets. We had one entire wall that was the end unit of our cabinet. No life. No personality. Nothing. You could see it from just about every room and every direction. It drove me nuts. And, I got to thinking that there must be a better use of space for that boring, blank wall. The answer?

chalkboard wall collage final

It is plain to see just look at how sad it was before. Dismiss the terrible {before} shot, but you at least get the gist.

Before Cabinet
In truth, it really wasn’t that hard. Though I admit that my other half did do most of the real labor. I did a lot of smiling and then did what I do best, make it pretty.

step 1. Nail the roll of sheet metal to your cabinet side, leaving room around the outside for your moulding.
Be careful! It is super sharp and you need to wear gloves when making any cuts or putting it up.

step 2. Apply several layers of chalkboard paint. I did 4-5 coats so that it had an even consistency.

step 3. Using a nail gun (or nails) fasten the selected moulding to the outside edges of the chalkboard inset.
Think of a frame… that is what you’re replicating.

step 4. P
aint the frame.
I chose {french linen} Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and a dark wax to complete the look I was going for.

step 5. Prime the chalkboard. SO important!
Using the side of a piece of chalk, rub it all over the chalkboard. This important step will prepare it for the first masterpiece.

step 6. Done. now you just need to chalk it up and add a few magnets while you’re at it. Cute, huh?

DIY Wall Picture & logo

Now if this seems overwhelming, there are always options.

  • skip the magnet part… just make it a chalkboard, which will still be unbelievably cute
  • use a thick ribbon or jute webbing to frame the outside border… you could even add upholstery tacks to pretty it up
  • depending on the size of your chalkboard space, purchase a {frame kit} at Lowes or Home Depot… paint it up to change the existing color
  • use a different paint color around the border of the chalkboard to give the illusion of a frame

A simple update. A big impact. A ridiculously adorable way to personalize a special corner in your home.

{sneak peek.}
See part two of my chalkboard wall later this week. Find out how you can personalize it to showcase you, your family and your interests…

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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