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chalkboard wall. summa’ time.

Summer is here. Reminds me of a little song from my younger years… summa’, summa’, summa-time. You know what I’m talking about, right?

For this month, summer fun and summer scripture.

Our summa’ chalkboard wall. A place where we pour all those summer to-do’s in our BUCKET. 

The theme for this month? Our bucket list {get er’ done} and a memory verse.

Part 1. Memory Verse.
Yes, they will know it. Learn it. Live it. Well, at least by the end of summer. A little something to keep us all on track, especially with us spending virtually every waking moment together. Mama Bear says we can make it happen.

Part 2. Summa’ Bucket List. {kids love this part.}
We are working our way through the bucket list. When one task is complete we are adding it {with a magical magnet} to our bucket. It’s too cute. We have already moved a few, added a few and started our list. The best part of summer.



Love the printables? You can find them here. An ode to last years’ printable list and a quick print. Voila. Your own bucket list items. Enjoy.

Wishing you a {kind and loving} summer and a chance to bask in the sunshine with your own little ones.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

{If you missed it, learn how you can make your own {DIY Chalkboard and Magnetic Wall}. Take a quick peek {here} to find out just how easy it is to transform an empty space into something that will make you smile.}

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summer activity. secret scrolls.

I apologize {in advance} if you don’t have kids and are bored silly with these kid posts. I assure you, summer is half way over, so you will soon have a break from these silly ideas.  Soon. But, not quite yet. Who knows, maybe you can use these with grandkids, neighborhood kids or someone else who might get a giggle out of it.

Yes, summer is in full swing. Lots of hours in the day and some sweet babies who get bored oh, so quickly. Was I like that as a kid? Probably. If you’ve been following along, you know that we are deep in the trenches of finding things to do.

We started with our summer bucket list. And, then moved on to Laser Beams. Last week, we even got crazy with some science experiments. This week? Some serious fun that cost me nothing. I love that.

Hello, secret scrolls.


Don’t you love those {in the moment} ideas that are way better than you expected? Well, this was one of those. It started with Mr. G wanting a ninja headband. Then we decided that a secret scroll was a must.

Some wrapping paper, scissors, washi tape and dowels {i seriously keep and have the weirdest things, including wooden dowels. technically for the bathroom curtain i am willing myself to finish, but this was way more fun.} helped us get the project done.


A simple project that makes for some serious imaginative play. And, the kids can do MOST of the work. Give it a try. I’m hoping it will keep your kids as busy as it did mine.

secret scrolls steps

Start your own secret scrolls. A simple, inexpensive way to entertain those kids on summer break.

secret scrolls1

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO


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summer activity. science experiment. oh so fun.

If you’ve been following along, you know that we created a summer bucket list. A little something to make sure we don’t run out of things to do this summer. You can find a {free} printable summer bucket list here, if you missed it earlier.


One of the items on our bucket list was doing a {science experiment}. I have boys, yo, so science is always a crowd pleaser. Fun for us and maybe fun for you too.

For you, three experiments that are pretty simple, but provide lots of smiles. What could be better?

Experiment No. 1: blowing up a balloon with pop rocks


The boys watched in awe as a balloon inflated after adding pop rocks to some Diet Coke. What made it happen? Carbon Dioxide. So cool. Love it? Follow Steve Spangler Science as he shares the {how to} and {why’s} of this experiment. Super fun and super fizzy.

Experiment No. 2: a harry potter potion

Doesn’t anyone love a good potion? My kids don’t actually know much about Harry Potter, but the potion side of it had them hooked. A little magical lesson in how the carbon dioxide in Pop Rocks can make for some pretty cool things. Find the potion directions by visiting the pop rocks site. We got a little silly and made up some magic chants of our own. A little bit of magic for the day.

Picfx 2

Experiment No. 3: homemade rock candy

This one falls in to the patient category because you do have to wait for those crystals to grow, but I promise it will be worth the wait. The boys followed a recipe by a very creative mommy blogger that shared her secrets {and tips} to rock candy. You can find her scientific and delicious recipe here.

Picfx 3

Our rock candy experiment was a the perfect way to wrap up our science day and add a little something sweet to our summer. The boys loved it. And, I loved the smiles that followed. Isn’t that what every mama wants?

A perfect way to spend a summer day and let those kids experiment a little. Give it a try. Maybe your little ones will love it as much as mine.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO


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summer activity. laser beam trap. free.

You know it’s summer when you feel like you are constantly coming up with new and exciting activities for your kiddos. Our first summer checklist item to tackle that problem? Our summer bucket list. You can find a {free} printable summer bucket list here, if you missed it earlier.


This summer, I was all about finding as many free {or close to free} activities as possible. One of the items on our bucket list was creating a message using a secret code. Well, we accomplished that bucket item list last week and then decided to set a trap for the daddy to find when he got home from work.

If you follow along with me on Instagram you saw a quick snapshot of our sneaky secret trap. It was one of those spur of the moment things that turned out to be a total hit. Love those.

The next day we decided to try building some more secret traps, but with a twist. With two energetic {that’s the polite way to say it} boys this mama is always looking for crazy things to do that won’t leave the house in total shambles. But, I must admit that I may have had even more fun. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Seriously, give it a try. You just might love it more than your little ones too.

Laser Beam Activity

A super, simple task that requires a little bit of flexibility and a skein of yarn. Say what? That’s it?

Your task? String that yarn all over the place and make it as tricky as possible. This task kept my silly kids and myself busy for at least 45 minutes. String. Loop. Have some fun.

laser beam in action

My little ninjas decided that their trap was made of laser beams. After awhile, we started hiding treasures around the traps and they utilized their sneaky moves to find the golden gems. Just think of the endless possibilities.

A twist on your traditional summer activity that may just make your little ones giggle as much as mine. Give it a try.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO


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