three october decorating ideas. less than $20.

I love holidays. It’s true. Ever since having kids I can hardly wait for the chance to make our home come alive with whatever season it may be. A part of me gets excited to create memories for the little ones that they will mentally document and store away until another day. And, it feels like time is quickly slipping away. Before I know it, there will only be my other half to decorate for.

As much as I love to add a little holiday spice to our home, I also know that it adds up and gets so ridiculously expensive.
{side note. am i the only one freaking out that christmas decorations are already displayed in stores?} With that said, I have come up with {three} ideas of how you can add a little October ‘ghoulish’ flare for under $20.

Idea 1 Halloween Wall Art 
cost: $8


What makes this so inexpensive? Use frames you already have around your house and exchange the existing pictures with October themed prints.

I’ve mentioned this company before for my back to school pictures and they have me hooked! {caravan digital downloads} is an online gem that allows you to purchase and download their prints. Amaze-ing! My sis-in-law passed on the Halloween themed prints and they are the perfect decorating addition to my existing framed pieces.


The task is simple.

  • download halloween themed prints from caravan digital downloads{$5}
  • print at your local Staples store {$3}
    note: my frames required an 18×24 and 11×14, which cost me a total of $2.63
  • exchange existing pictures with your new themed prints {$0}
  • put back on wall {$0}
  • smile. {priceless}


Idea 2 Haunted Wine Labels
cost: $5


Truth be told, I did not include the wine bottles in the estimated cost, but I am sure you can round some up from your recycling bin or pick some up at the store. Martha Stewart has a simple treat for you. Simply remove original wine labels and adhere the ‘haunted’ labels to your own wine bottles. I purchased this last year at Michael’s and also found them here.

These spooky labels are the perfect way to add some height and dimension to your space and they are not to shabby of a price either. You can display them as is or add some waxy candles to complete the spooky look.


The task is simple, yet again.

  • round up some wine bottles and remove the original labels {soak in hot water does the trick}
  • adhere the Martha Stewart Haunted Wine Labels to the bottle {$5}
  • place around your home {$0}
  • smile for the second time {priceless}


Idea 3 Spellbinding Potions 
cost: $5

1-DSC_0393 (2)

Potions feel like the perfect addition to  ‘spooky’ themed decor. And, they are ridiculously fun to make with your big or little ones. A simple, inexpensive way to have a little fun and add something unique and cute to your home.

The boys and I found these small bottles at our local craft store for $1 each. They were the perfect size for their own experiment and they had me sold at ‘a dollar’ each. I am sure your local craft store, Michaels or JoAnn’s would have something similar within the $2 to $5 price range.

The task is simple. I know, these are too easy.

  • find some small potion bottles {$2 to $4}
  • add water, green food coloring and other interesting treasures to your bottle {free for all in your pantry & cupboards}
  • add a cute tag and tie with twine {$0}
  • smile for the third time {priceless}

Start collecting your potion bottles now and follow along later this week as I share what my family did with our secret potions. Find out more about what we concocted from our own cupboards AND a printable tag that you can attach to your spellbinding potions.

Three easy, simple October themed decorating ideas for under $20. What could be better?

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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3 Responses to three october decorating ideas. less than $20.

  1. Teri Quaranta October 8, 2013 at 8:46 pm #

    You are so creative J! Love your ideas!

  2. Trisha October 10, 2013 at 7:39 am #

    Love these!! I noticed you used a smaller print (18×24) and the site says they give you a large format (36×42)….is it easy to change the size? I also LOVE the “countdown to halloween” but didn’t see it on the site. Did you get that somewhere else? Everyday my son asks, “How many more days until Halloween???” That would help me a lot!

    • lulu & linen October 10, 2013 at 12:15 pm #

      Yes, I used a smaller print. Staples formatted it to the right size for me. There is a little white around the edge, but for $2 I decided I could live with it! I found the Countdown to Halloween sign at Home Goods. Sadly, there is no name on it. Boo.

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