what a difference a doorknob makes. true love.

Yes. We are still working on turning our house into something we love and smile at each time we walk in. Though it has been a process. As I shared before, we are slowly working on updating our house from builder-grade to something that is a better reflection of us.

Now we were pretty lucky to have had the chance to live with bright, gold doorknobs and hinges. They truly made me cringe each time I looked at them. I am sure that no one else noticed them, but they were such an eye sore for me. I stared. I scowled. And then I let it go because there were a million other things on the {to do} list.

labeled gold knobs

However, last week the game plan all changed. We decided to bite the bullet {hoping that’s the right saying… horrible at those silly sayings} and get some new dark doorknobs and hinges that would be more cohesive with the projects we have been finishing. Bad news? We seriously have about a million doors. Good news? I found something that fit within my budget and still achieved the look I was going for. One happy girl.

after doorknobs

Now I am asking myself, “Why did we wait so long?”. The new hardware has changed the entire look of our house and space. We now look down the hallways or into our bathroom and smile. Take it from me, a new doorknob or hinge will make an enormous impact. Yes, it may cost a little, but I promise you it will be worth it.

after doorknobs hall & pantry

We found our doorknobs and hinges at Lowes and used the Gatehouse doorknob series for all interior doors. To complete the finished look black hinges were a must. Believe it or not, these are almost as expensive as the doorknobs. Go figure. But, totally worth it. We used matching Gatehouse hinges to finish it off.

I was originally looking for a matte black, but these are so dark that you can’t tell they are oil rubbed bronze. And, the best part of all is that they are very affordable. Maybe someday I will get those dream knobs of mine, but they will have to wait for our next house and a lot less doors. A girl can dream, right?

Who to thank? Well, my Mr. who spent a good part of Mother’s Day finishing up the doorknobs and hinges for me, since we were only halfway done. Thanks to him we are completely finshed and have what feels like a brand new space.

A new doorknob or two. Looks brand new. A smile on the face.

try. enjoy. share.

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  1. Liz Chapman! August 19, 2014 at 6:17 pm #

    They look beautiful!

    • lulu & linen August 19, 2014 at 7:32 pm #

      Thank you! And… Thanks for following along!

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