four summer shoes. just for you.

Tis’ true. You know it. I know it. I love shoes. Aren’t they really just another way to make a statement?

For you, something to ring in the summer season. I am calling it {four summer shoes for you.} Kind of catchy. Kind of cute. Kind of need them in your own closet. Don’t you think?

I will start by prefacing that I have personally tried out of all these shoes and they get my stamp of approval. They are the perfect combination of cute and comfy, which is now a must given that I am usually walking, ok really chasing, after my three little peanuts. I like to think of it as the {four} shoes that will get me through summer while looking stylish and being realistic. Wedges? Yes, I still love you. But, I now save you  for those special occasions. Isn’t that sad?

{summer shoe one}

unify sandal

I love these. I can’t say it enough. Love. They are my absolute favorite and the perfect shoe to pair with some boyfriend jeans, skirts or a blazer. A cute wedge, but not high enough that I pay the price the next day. And, the zipper up the back is a little extra accessory that makes me smile.

{summer shoe two}

navy and limeade anchors

Aren’t they too, too cute. Here is a fun fact about my shoe closet. I actually have NO {can you believe it?} casual shoes. I recently realized that a pair of comfy slip-ons were a necessity while running around chasing my lil’ five year old. He’s fast. Traction was a must. I stumbled upon these cuties and just about died. So cute. And,  now I’m pretty darn fast too.

They are the perfect addition to a casual weekday outfit or for our recent trip to Roche Harbor. Anchors while visiting the San Juan Islands? I know. It’s just too much.

Do you love too? Look at the other slip ons I found that just might be right for you. Maybe I need another pair now? Too bad, the mr. man says, “no”.

summer slip ons

{summer shoe three}


A basic. Basic color. Basic style. But, with a little gold bling. These are my go-to shoes and easy to pair with any outfit. Who doesn’t love a shoe that goes with just about everything. The nude color not your thing? Well, they also have black and white. Can you really go wrong?

{summer shoe four}


Flippin’ flops as we call them in our house. Don’t we all need a pair of those? These I heart. But, I really have to hand it to the parental units. They are the ones with good taste this time around. These little gems were a birthday present that match a cute orange clutch they gave me for Christmas. So, if you love, thank them. I can always count on them for adding a little style to my wardrobe. Cute, functional {that word’s for my sis… she lives for function} and a splash of color. Hello, summer.

Do you love too? Look at the other flip flops I found that just might be right for you.

flip flops

Love the summer shoes? Click on the pictures above to be linked directly to the {four must have summer shoes} in my closet. A little treat for yourself. We all need that every now and then. Right?

try. enjoy. share.

2 Responses to four summer shoes. just for you.

  1. Sonali June 12, 2014 at 9:50 pm #

    You find the best stuff at Nordstrom Rack! Did you know they just launched their online website? Free shipping over $100.

    • lulu & linen June 12, 2014 at 10:18 pm #

      Knew it. Love it. So excited, but that means that I need to spend more money. Hmmmm… it just might be worth it!

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