who knew? four clubs that make life oh so easy.

It is not news to me when I find out I am not in the loop about something totally awesome. It actually happens quite often. Why? Well, probably because I don’t Facebook {did you just die? I might be the only human in the world!} and I find myself living in a bubble at times.

Case in point… my sis-in-law {thx, m!} let me in on this little secret that is traveling around the fashion world. Have you heard? It is called Stitch Fix. Thank goodness she told me so that I could share with everyone I knew. She keeps me in the “know” and makes me sound uber cool around my friends.  Too bad I hadn’t read my Better Homes & Garden September issue that had been collecting dust. If I had, I would have had a little insight into her new find!

Thanks to my sis-in-law  and Better Homes & Garden I am sharing with you four new phenomenons {why didn’t I come up with them?} that just might make your life easier and your daily mailbox run a little more exciting.

  Clubs from BHG Your own personal styling service?
stitch fix |

Trendy new nailpolish colors? 
 square hue |

Seasonal shoe stylist?
shoe mint |

Monthly jewelry and bling?
| mynt box |

 Maybe one of these new online “clubs” and personal stylist services will strike your fancy too. Don’t shoot the messenger if you get totally hooked.

try. enjoy. share.

Letter J  XO

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  1. michelle September 17, 2014 at 8:50 am #

    How fun! I’ll have to give these sites a try.

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